Welcome to  miteamshirts.com.

Our mission statement is as follows:-

“We are committed to enabling sports-minded fans to create their own unique team wear or personalised football shirts and also save money with our innovative and stylish two / three in one designs”.

“Mi Team Shirts” are a unique concept. We have created our team shirt designs for you the fans as an alternative to your “official” club shirt. Our designs are inspired by the Premier League and other football / sports clubs. They are NOT replicas – they are our original designs.

Why has no-one else created these custom-made shirts before?

Now, thanks to “Mi Team Shirts” you can have the team shirts of your choice i.e. Home / Away. Also, as an added bonus, simply turn it inside out and, if you chose this option, you could have ANOTHER shirt, for example, your favourite international shirt!

Why pay £40 or more for ONE shirt when for a comparable price you can have TWO, or even THREE!

For a small amount more you can even have your own name and / or signature and any number on your “Mi Team Shirt” making it even more personal to YOU!

Watch this space for regular updates regarding teams and new stock availability