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‘Old Git’ Jimbo and today’s whinge at

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Once again Tennis rules over Soccer.

Tennis players Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic  at the Australian tennis open over the weekend showed not only their superb and outstanding physical and mental fitness but also their iron will and never-say-die spirit.

Murray and Nadal played out a thrilling Semi- Final match which lasted 4hours-45minutes. That is the equivilant of playing 3 football matches.

The Nadal v Djokovic Final lasted a mindblowing 5 hours and 50 minutes which is the equivilant of  10 minutes short of 4 football matches so Nadal played the equivilant of 7 football matches in 3 days.

I’ve previously slagged off Pro footballers cos they whinge so much at playing 2 matches in one week. That is why I’m highlighting the void in physical fitness between the two sports. In fact it’s a chasm in my view.

I wonder if the football club managers are trying to figure out how these human dynamos have become so fit, cos I am. Fitness alone is not always enough tho. I think the magic ingredient that ties physical and mental fitness together is their iron will and motivation.

It doesn’t appear to be obvious to me that soccer players have any of these abilities apart from money motivation.

Because I am a Chorlier I have sometimes spotted Chorley’s World famous boxer Michael Jennings setting off to run up the local fells and hills of the Pennines and it must play a part in his proven fitness, stamina and durability which is necessary in a sport to which he must be dedicated.

So I ask all sports fans, are the modern day soccer players WHIMPS or is it that modern day tennis players are HUMAN DYNAMOS?

May I pass on my congratulations to Brighton and Hove Albion (the seagulls) on their giant killing act over Newcastle United (the Magpies)

That’s my whinge for today.

Who watches ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ on BBC TV


I’ve just watched 6 episodes back to back and it has to be the best comedy on TV and it’s LIVE. It’s like Mrs Doubtfire but even funnier.

I think the writer is Brendan O’Caroll who also plays Mrs Brown. Is he a Dubliner? There’s some  swearing but as with Irish wit it is totally in context.

Take care

‘Old Git’ Jimbo from


Footballers 90minutes v Tennis players 375 minutes

‘Old Git’ Jimbos blog at /

Considering that we are connected with fashion sports shirts its appropriate I keep mainly  on the football theme.

I watched the Aussie Open tennis quarter final match between Nadal and Berdytch approx 24 hours ago. it lasted 4 hours 15 minutes.

In fact the match was Tomas Berdych’s second 4 hour match in 3 days while professional footballers are continually wingeing at sometimes having to play 2 x 90 minute matches in a week. I feel so sad for them.NO!!!!!!!!

Pro cyclists are in the saddle for up to 6 hours a day for between 2/3 weeks so why is it that Pro footballers appear to be less fit than tennis players and pro cyclists? Even the women tennis players can be on court for 2 hours or more. Bear in mind also that there are 22 players on a football pitch. As an amateur I was used to playing 3 games a weekend. 1 match Saturday morning and 1 Saturday afternoon and also 1 match Sunday morning while holding a full time job down.

Maybe if their training regime was better they wouldn’t get injured as often. Mind you they are wrapped up in cotton wool, or should that be woollen gloves? Grown men wearing gloves to play football!!! I’ve even seen England’s striker Wayne Rooney wearing gloves.What’s that all about?  I could however understand if he wanted to  wear a woollie hat to keep his ‘ new  hair ‘ safe.

I think they should run about more and keep the circulation flowing then they wouldn’t need gloves.

Still on the football theme I wasn’t far off in my last blog with my ‘ suspension by video’ comments about Manchester City’s Balotelli during their game with Tottenham Hotspur.  I suggested 3 games and he received a 4 game ban.

I rest my case.

That’s this ‘Old Git’ Jimbo’s thoughts/winges for the day at and

We have all the Premier league club home and away shirts online now so have a look at them and give me your opinion (good or bad).

Take care



Hi guys it’s your friendly ‘old git’ Jimbo again.

It’s really great to be able do my blog while watching the Aussie Tennis Open and to use an old phrase, while burning the midnight oil, because this 8th January I was (like an old horse) put out to pasture and officially RETIRED so you are most welcome to reply to me and say ‘hey you old git’ I don’t agree with you.

As an official ‘old git’ who loves watching most sports I do get some facts/spellings wrong so if you spot them you can NOW call me a ‘THICK OLD GIT ‘.

Having said all that I do wish you all longevity and hope you all live to enjoy your retirement.

Enough said on that score and forgive the sports pun.

It used to be said that there was a North/South divide politically. Well in the Premiership there is a good and sadly a North/North divide at the moment what with both Man City and Man Utd in the top 2 places and

Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic in the bottom 4 places.

I watched Spurs v Man City on yet another Super Sunday and if Defoe had known how to put in an old fashioned sliding tackle he would have met the ball perfectly and scored.

Also how did Van Persil whiter than white miss such a sitter and then score a Terry Henry style cracker for Arsenal?

When is shorty whinger Bellamy gonna grow up and stop trying to punch his weight? If his brains were made from gunpowder he wouldn’t have enough to blow his ears off even if he did previously play for Blackburn until he continued on his gold club contract digging.

He must have had as many clubs as Jack Nicklaus.

When Blackburn Rovers won their only premiership title 1994/95 they had the SAS ie; Shearer and Sutton. I  saw the Fulham v Newcastle match and they have a similar duo (tho not as good) in DAD ie; Duffy and Duffrey? Pity Duffers had to leave Blackburn and sign for Chelsea tho he didn’t want to leave.  I’d have him back any day.

How many players can you think of who have been more successful at their new club?

What’s Torres doing at Chelsea or Carrol at Liverpool? It seems to me that they both spend too much time playing a wingers roll and not on the end of their own crosses.

In my last blog I mentioned Balotellis back heel kick on Scott Parker which by all accounts the ref didn’t see. When are we going to bring in DRS which is used very successfully in cricket?  Well at least in the Wolves v  Aston Villa match the ref saw an almost identical kicking offence by Carl Henry and showed him the red card.

I await the aftermatch video verdict resulting in a suspension of 3 matches for Balotelli. If he had half a brain he’d be dangerous.

As a Lancashire guy I hope the bottom positions change in our favour by the seasons end so that there will be the usual North West local derby matches. Am I biased? You bet I am.

Finally for now,here’s a couple of thoughts 4 you. Whatever happened to man for man marking instead of zonal and if there was a 10 minute SIN BIN (as in rugby) instead of a yellow card during the first 30 minutes of a match  do you think the refs would react differently if the sin bin was available as an alternative because it could ease their worries at possibly changing the outcome of a match by giving a yellow card early doors and with a second yellow an early bath?

Please send a reply and give me your feedback. Maybe if we all speak with ONE VOICE we could help to make some good changes.

That’s my lot 4 now.

Jimbo ‘the old git’

Up And Running!


Blackburn Rovers 3-in-1 Shirt

Been watching this weekend’s football matches and once again the referee’s are causing controversy with dubious decisions. Is it time for DRS (decision referral system) to be introduced?

Would Everton have drawn with Blackburn if DRS was in place because of the handball incident leading up to Everton’s goal?

The Mancunians rule over London this weekend, the matches once again embroiled with controversy. Should Balotelli have been sent off for his kicking of Scott Parker? If he had not been on the pitch he would not have got the penalty from which he scored, so would it have been 2-2 instead of 3-2 for City?

As for United, no-one could expect them to repeat their early season 8-2 drubbing of Arsenal, but they still came away with 3 points and are still hanging onto City’s coat-tails.

Back in our business world the waiting is over! Finally, our protected design is now in the Public Domain under Registration Number 4022450 as certificated by the Intellectual Property Office.

The idea for Miteamshirts originally came to me when I bought an England inside-out football shirt, a good few years ago, from a sports shop in Preston, Lancs, and also from the diagonal stripe across the front of one of the Dutch club’s shirts. Does anyone remember which club this is because I’m having a senior moment?

However, here at Miteamshirts, we decided to go one step further and make ours a three-in-one shirt.

By visiting our website at or you can now view all 20 of our unique customised Premier League inspired fashion t-shirts/football shirts. And we’re not limited just to the Premier League. You can request us to manufacture ANY team shirt. Whether it be football, any league, corporate or local school strips, we can supply these for you. ALL SPORTS are available, from Archery to Volleyball, Basketball to Tennis, Cricket to Squash – CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!!! Bob the Builder ain’t got nothing on us!

Due to copyright restrictions we can’t put the official club names or badges on our site so we have listed them under the team nicknames. BUT we CAN mention them here in this blog! So, for those of you who are interested in purchasing or even just viewing our shirts, the teams currently available, but by no means limited to, are: Arsenal (Gunners/Gooners), Aston Villa (Villans), Blackburn Rovers (Rovers), Bolton Wanderers (Trotters), Chelsea (Pensioners), Everton (Toffees), Fulham (Cottagers), Liverpool (Reds), Manchester City (Blues), Manchester United (Red Devils), Newcastle United ((Magpies), Norwich City (Canaries), Queens Park Rangers (Superhoops/Hoops), Stoke City (Potters), Sunderland (Black Cats), Swansea City (Swans), Tottenham Hotspurs (Spurs/Lilywhites), West Bromwich Albion (Baggies/Throstles), Wigan Athletic (Latics) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves/Dogs).

Let us know what you think of them because your feedback, good or bad, is very valuable to us. We will be very responsive to your feedback because we want to give you the Myteamshirts that you would like to be seen wearing. For example, is the price right? Do you like the design? Would you wear it? Would you play in it???

Please be aware that these shirts are NOT meant to be copies, because we do not believe in counterfeit goods, but they are influenced by the team strips from the Premier League. How close does your Miteamshirt have to be to the your existing club shirt? Please bear in mind that our shirts at Miteamshirts are actually designed as three shirts in one with a Home Strip, Away Strip and an International shirt (of your choice if required) on the inside.

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Miteamshirts are not intended to be replacements to the official club shirts, but an alternative, that offers extremely good value for money considering the difficult financial times we are all in. It’s not a question of loyalties, but what will be instantly noticeable is a complete variation from the original shirt designs and you can be one of the first to own one of these amazing three-in-one team shirts.

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