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Considering that we are connected with fashion sports shirts its appropriate I keep mainly  on the football theme.

I watched the Aussie Open tennis quarter final match between Nadal and Berdytch approx 24 hours ago. it lasted 4 hours 15 minutes.

In fact the match was Tomas Berdych’s second 4 hour match in 3 days while professional footballers are continually wingeing at sometimes having to play 2 x 90 minute matches in a week. I feel so sad for them.NO!!!!!!!!

Pro cyclists are in the saddle for up to 6 hours a day for between 2/3 weeks so why is it that Pro footballers appear to be less fit than tennis players and pro cyclists? Even the women tennis players can be on court for 2 hours or more. Bear in mind also that there are 22 players on a football pitch. As an amateur I was used to playing 3 games a weekend. 1 match Saturday morning and 1 Saturday afternoon and also 1 match Sunday morning while holding a full time job down.

Maybe if their training regime was better they wouldn’t get injured as often. Mind you they are wrapped up in cotton wool, or should that be woollen gloves? Grown men wearing gloves to play football!!! I’ve even seen England’s striker Wayne Rooney wearing gloves.What’s that all about?  I could however understand if he wanted to  wear a woollie hat to keep his ‘ new  hair ‘ safe.

I think they should run about more and keep the circulation flowing then they wouldn’t need gloves.

Still on the football theme I wasn’t far off in my last blog with my ‘ suspension by video’ comments about Manchester City’s Balotelli during their game with Tottenham Hotspur.  I suggested 3 games and he received a 4 game ban.

I rest my case.

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