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Once again Tennis rules over Soccer.

Tennis players Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic  at the Australian tennis open over the weekend showed not only their superb and outstanding physical and mental fitness but also their iron will and never-say-die spirit.

Murray and Nadal played out a thrilling Semi- Final match which lasted 4hours-45minutes. That is the equivilant of playing 3 football matches.

The Nadal v Djokovic Final lasted a mindblowing 5 hours and 50 minutes which is the equivilant of  10 minutes short of 4 football matches so Nadal played the equivilant of 7 football matches in 3 days.

I’ve previously slagged off Pro footballers cos they whinge so much at playing 2 matches in one week. That is why I’m highlighting the void in physical fitness between the two sports. In fact it’s a chasm in my view.

I wonder if the football club managers are trying to figure out how these human dynamos have become so fit, cos I am. Fitness alone is not always enough tho. I think the magic ingredient that ties physical and mental fitness together is their iron will and motivation.

It doesn’t appear to be obvious to me that soccer players have any of these abilities apart from money motivation.

Because I am a Chorlier I have sometimes spotted Chorley’s World famous boxer Michael Jennings setting off to run up the local fells and hills of the Pennines and it must play a part in his proven fitness, stamina and durability which is necessary in a sport to which he must be dedicated.

So I ask all sports fans, are the modern day soccer players WHIMPS or is it that modern day tennis players are HUMAN DYNAMOS?

May I pass on my congratulations to Brighton and Hove Albion (the seagulls) on their giant killing act over Newcastle United (the Magpies)

That’s my whinge for today.

Who watches ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ on BBC TV


I’ve just watched 6 episodes back to back and it has to be the best comedy on TV and it’s LIVE. It’s like Mrs Doubtfire but even funnier.

I think the writer is Brendan O’Caroll who also plays Mrs Brown. Is he a Dubliner? There’s some  swearing but as with Irish wit it is totally in context.

Take care

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