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Hi guys.

I’m signing in as per usual as ‘Old Git’ Jimbo @ and I get into my wingeing blog, I’d appreciate your opinion on myteamshirts , latest design, so here it is for you to click on to get a detailed closeup view.


We can produce any of the 16 International teams home and away 2-in-1 shirts.

I’ve just got home after spending an amazing STUDENTS INDIE NIGHT  at The Swan with 2 Necks in Chorley. If u haven’t been B 4 then u r missing out on a great music and hassle free night. If an old geezer like me is saying that then it’s a good night or I should B in bed with my Kokoa or Horlicks or whatever ur grandparents’ nightcap is.

As u know from my previous bloggs, I’m retired and proud of my age. I am prouder tonight to have met a group of level headed and sensible young people. Their age group is sadly pre-judged by my wrinkley age group as being no-hopers and troublesome.

I say to all  you other ‘OLD GITS’ of my age it’s about time that you stopped tarring all young people with the same brush and take time to talk and listen to them, cos they have a lot to say and a lot to offer. They r the future and we should encourage them instead of knocking them. Don’t forget that we were once their age. We’ve had our youthful times, now it’s their time. Hopefully along the way they may seek our advice/opinions, but u do all need to realise that to get respect u have to earn respect, which in my opinion cos we r the older generation we should give respect to them first and then we may get it back.


If they do then take it as a compliment. It’s not their fault they’re young cos we’ve been there. Yeah they’ll prob make some of the same mistakes we’ve made in our past but wouldn’t be great if they felt comfortable enough to ask for our opinions.

Pretty soon will have ur shirts online and for sale.

My thanks to Proprietors’ Denise and Nick and son Jonno on the door and all the staff. They r a good crew together.

I do have to mention by name my new found young friends from the Swan wi 2 Necks who I was proud to meet and am putting on record now that they will receive a free myteamshirt of their choice very soon. Watch our website.

So here r my new friends and their fav teams.

We Love MiTeamShirts!

Rachel Bamber, Preston North End

Jack Bennett, Blackburn Rovers

Matt Cragg, Preston North End

James Daniels, Manchester United

Chelsea Donnell, Manchester United

Sarah Hanrahan, Blackburn Rovers

Danny Lane, Blackburn Rovers

Jessica Marsh, Blackburn Rovers 

Lois Thompson, Blackburn Rovers

We Love MiTeamShirts!

Total Respect to u and all my friends and this is probably one of the few times when Blackburn’s fanbase outnumbers Man Utd.

The biggest favour u can do for me is raising the website profile by visiting the website or following on twitter or facebook or replying to my blogg.

I want ur comments, good or bad. I can take the rough with the smooth, but lets enjoy and have a laugh together. U can take the ‘P’ out of me and visa versa.

So it’s good night to u and it’s goodnight from this ‘Old Git’ Jimbo @ and

Take care