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I’m sounding like a radio D J more and more.

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I’ve just watched 6 episodes of Apocalypse: World War II back to back on my Virgin TV setup.

There were 50,000,000 people killed because of one Maniac ie; Adolf Hitler during World War II.

I also saw which I was not aware of before that dogs also played a major part in the war.

Did you know that the Russians starved their dogs then placed food underneath vehicles and trained them to get it? After their training they then had bombs strapped onto both sides of the dogs body just like pack mules but also with a remote controlled detonator.

When a German tank came into view they would release the dog which would then go under the tank searching for it’s next meal and SADLY and UNKNOWINGLY it would be blown up along with the tank and the film actually showed it happening.

Without being FLIPPANT or UNFEELING I wonder if the term ‘It’s a DOGS LIFE’ or ‘DOGS OF WAR’ comes from this episode from World War II?

Still on  The Second World War theme, there were several Aircraft Carriers sunk and it reminded me of the time approx 12 years ago while I was a carer for my Dad, who has since passed away. I used to take him to a pub in Chorley called ‘The George’. It was a pub where many of the war veterans used to meet during the day and ‘chew the fat’. They were always taking the ‘P’ out of each other in a friendly way.

My Dad was in the Royal Navy and one of his’ duties’ was in the ‘crow’s nest’ up high on a Carrier with high powered binoculars looking out to sea for German Submarine periscopes.

Dad always said to the guys in the pub that he had excellent eyesight, so one day while ‘chewin the fat’ Dad let it slip that he had been torpedoed twice during the war but was still alive. So one old soldier got the pub in an uproar when he said ‘FEKKIN  HELL JIMMY your eyes weren’t that fekkin good were they?’

Sadly those days have gone and I personally miss them.

Please feel free to send me your stories, they’ll be most welcome.

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Just keeping you up todate.

Once again it’s another blog done from this ‘Old Git’.

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