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Congrats to all you Blackpool seasiders for getting into the next round of the FA Cup by winning really well against Sheffield Wednesday.

Being a Blackburn Rovers fan I applaud you. I want to blame Steve Keane for the demise of ‘Rovers’ and I can’t see them escaping relegation, but I won’t lay the blame solely on his shoulders cos it’s the owners who are to blame by sacking Sam Allardyce when he was doing a good job and would have done even better with the ‘promised’ money to spend  from the new owners. How much have they put into the club since the ‘Walker’ family SOLD OUT? ‘UNCLE JACK’ must be screaming from above.

During the Blackpool match did I see a back pass to the goalkeeper that the ref didn’t see?

Regarding the ‘back pass’ rule, if a defender was on the goal line with the ball and the goalkeeper was in front of him ie; near the penalty spot and the defender passed the ball to the keeper who then picked the ball up, would that be judged to be a back pass, because he is actually passing the ball forward to the goalkeeper or would the ref cop out by saying it was ‘unsportsmanship’?

Come on U REFS give me ur opinion to this blog @www. myteamshirts.com.

Who’s gonna stop Barcelona winning the Copa del Rey?

Spanish la lega  is so different to  the Premiership, and if Barca where in the Premiership I think it would take them at least 3 seasons to win the title because most Spanish players would not get away with their culture of ‘diving’ to gain a free kick or penalty in the Premiership,

Some foreign players do con the ref”s occassionally but not as often as when they first came into the English League.

Remember the stick that Klinsman got when he was at  Spurs?

The crowd gave him so much stick that he soon stopped his diving and became a better player.

When Ronaldo was at  Man Utd and he stopped diving he scored more goals in the season cos he stayed on his feet. He had his highest goal tally in a season at United so again as per usual I rest my case.

Good news that Harry Redknapp is now available for consideration for the England Managers job after Fabio Capello’s resignation.


I don’t blame him actually cos if you are employed to run a company, would you want your board to tell you what to do? Why employ you then go over your head by making decisions that they’re employing you to make?

That’s this ‘Old Gits’ thoughts and winge for the blog today.

Take care til’ the next one

Regards Jimbo