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What a close finish to the ODI in Australia this morning. M S Dhoni is a legend, hitting a 6 in the last over and won the match with 3 balls to spare but Ghambir was man – of – the – match with a cracking score of 92. It was great TV!
If u followed my Premiership match forecasts for Saturday I predicted 2 scores correct and 5 correct results from 8.
Below are my forecasts for today Sunday 12 Feb 2012. 
Wolves 2 v 2 WBA Betting odds  6/4 Home 15/8 Away 21/10 Draw 
Aston Villa 3 v 3 Man City Betting odds 9/2 Home 8/11 Away 9/4 Draw.
If u bet on any scoreline involving  Blackburn Rovers  during the rest of the season, don’t bet on them keeping a clean sheet cos the’ve not had one all season and yet they are the 7th highest goal scorers. Wonder where they would be in the table if they didn’t have a sieve for a defence?
Will it be or will it be  topping the Premiership at the end of the day?

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