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Here is some local Chorley news that may be of interest to some of you.
If past Thursdays are anything to go by a great gig is on the cards at the Swan-with-2-Necks from 8pm tonight, Thursday 16th til 12ish and lots of people are anticipated. Also the next night, Friday, for all the facebook fans (who ins’t, apart from Jeremy Kyle)? a photographer will be there taking hopefully some great photos’ that will be posted on facebook. This ‘Old Git’ Jimbo will be there representing miteamshirts and we have some hot off the press Premiership 2/3-way shirts for you to see on both nights, and maybe we can take photos of some of you posing in them so we can post them on our websites http://www.mits-online.co.uk and http://www.myteamshirts.co.uk.
Hope to see you there.
Take care
‘Old Git’ Jimbo .