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The gig at The Swan ‘Cavern’ With 2 Necks.

As an ‘Old Git’ from the 60’s it reminded me of the Liverpool ‘Cavern Club’, but this was the  Chorley Swan ‘Cavern Club’.


The ‘Beatles’ started playing at the Liverpool ‘Cavern Club’ and the rest ‘as they say is history’.

Who knows what band is gonna emerge famously after playing at the Chorley ‘Swan Cavern Club ‘? The man behind the promotions is Chris “?”.

Watch my blogs and I will try to keep U all informed.

While I was there with my business partner Chrissie Fuller @ and  we  took some group photos with some of our facebook friends wearing some of our new Premiership 2/3 way club teamshirts.

The friends I can remember who you will see in the group photos’ were, Jessica Marsh, Julie Anne, Elle Rossall with boyfriend Alex Hesketh and Jack Bennett a Blackburn Rovers fan, the same as me.

We Love MiTeamShirts!

I won’t tell you the clubs cos you should know the home/away shirts now , but here they are visually.


Okay they are Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal in that order. Tell me what U think of them. R they good or bad. FEEDBACK please. There’s a BUTTON says REPLY or COMMENT, so DO IT PLEASE.

The Swan is a favourite place for me and I can highly recommend it, BUT my over 18 friends wanted to drink coke instead of alcohol and they told me they had been refused. So me being me I was able to buy them all a coke with ice. My thanks to Head Barman Jonny for serving me.

In my day of running pubs and doing pub work, soft drinks brought in more ‘profit’ than alcohol, and also the people drinking it are far less likely to cause any trouble cos they’re SOBER,  so it’s a mystery to me why they were refused. These young people have become my friends and I praised them in one of my previous blogs, My good judgement was proved right cos they are the same group of people.

Here they are showing off some of our shirts.


Jessica Marsh, Julie Anne, Elle Rossall, Alex Bennett & Jack Bennett. My thanks to them all.

When I got home from the Swan I was able to catch up with the Darts Premier League on Sky Sports and witnessed Phil ‘the power’ Taylor hitting a 9 dart 501 game against Kevin Painter.

He is still the man to beat, ‘tho Phils’ prodigy Adrian Lewis will eventually take over his mantle, cos he now has the ‘bottle’.

I stopped playing darts 20yrs ago in my amatuer days because I could not find a sponsor, but I played for one season in a league in Blackburn that played 301 instead of 501 and I hit 2 legs of 301 in 6 darts each and was presented by Sky reporter and commentator John Gwynne (he was with Radio Piccadilly at the time)  as “player of the month”.

He wasn’t too pleased that I was the first person to be presented with the trophy outside of Manchester. My claim to fame or my 15 minutes.  What is it with SOME Manchester people? Surely they can’t all be United fans, can they?

Anyway I’m done with my comments and ‘winges’ for this blog and  I’m  gonna get some zzzzzzz’s in, so take care

‘Old Git’ Jimbo