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Hi Guys

I’m just going to try again to forecast some football results.

Last weekend I predicted 5/1o with 2 correct scores,  Man Utd 2 v 1 Liverpool  and     Sunderland 1 v 2 Arsenal .

These are Sunday’s FA Cup matches with my scores/results forecasts.

Crawley Town 1 v 3 Stoke City . Match Odds are Home win 11/4  Draw 9/4 Away win 21/20

 Liverpool 4 v 1 Brighton Hove Albion . Match Odds are Home win 1/4 Draw 9/2 Away win 11/1

Stevenage 1 v 4 Tottenham Hotspur .Match Odds are Home win 8/1 Draw 4/1 Away win 1/3

I think these are easier to forecast than last weeks. If I get these correct then that will be 8/13

Before I sign off, I have a bit of a winge after listening to Gary Neville last weekend making a comment that some Pro footballers were complaining that they had to make a 2 hour round trip to work ie; the training ground or the match. When are these CHILDREN going to grow up. My Mother will be 90 (NINETY) this year and she any many people used to WALK several miles to work, and back. So the modern 21st century Pro footballer earns, (gets) more money in ONE WEEK than most people EARN in several years, winges over having to play  (occasionally) 2 matches (3 hours) per week kicking a bag of wind around between himself and 21 other players, and needs to wear gloves because he needs to keep his poor pretty hands warm because his work rate is OBVIOUSLY SO LOW that his body doesn’t generate sufficient heat to keep them warm, and some have hairstyles that as one ‘gay’ guy I know said to me “mmmmm they look like they’re on the pull”.

Once again I rest my case. I’ve yet to receive a comment on here from anyone of them to ‘defend their corner’.

Until the next time, take care

‘Old Git Jimbo