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Before my rant don’t forget tonights’ Indie gig at the Swan ‘Cavern’ with 2 Necks , Chorley  which is really well run by organiser and promoter Chris Indiependent. It starts 8:30 til well late and please leave the pub quietly at the end.

I had a word with band members of ‘The Fells’  on Wednesday and I can’t decide if band member Diego’s hair is his own or a ‘wig’. I’ll ask him tonight.

You have gottten used to me blogging primarily about sport.

In this blog I want to criticise Ebay and Paypal for their narrow mindedness in how they deal with disputes between buyers and sellers.

6 years ago I had a shop on ebay. For 2 years I was pretty successful and happy. Then my PC threw a wobbler and ceased to operate. It would have cost quite a few quid to have it repaired or even replaced. So I left it and was off the internet for a couple of months. I went to Runshaw College in Chorley and they allowed me to use a PC there. I was and still am very grateful that they provided that service for me and the staff were very helpful.

While online I went onto ebay and discovered that they had closed my shop down until I paid them money that they insisted  I owed them which was through their paypal company. I hadn’t made any transactions but found out that a customer had paid £40 into my paypal account and had not received his goods, but that paypal had taken their cut/% from his payment to me.

I emailed ebay explaining my PC problems and that because I hadn’t made any withdrawls from my paypal account and  all they needed to do was to pay him back the original £40 and that would sort out any misunderstanding. It sounds quite imple so why is it made so complicated by them?

But no, ebay would not go along with my suggestion. So to this day I have not operated on ebay although I might add they still email me statements telling  me I am ACTUALLY in credit by £12.46p. They have

not offered me any explanation and that was 4 years ago.

When they first started they treasured every new buyer and seller. Now we are insignificant.

The reason I am covering this subject in my blog is because a similar situation has happened to my business partener.

When we first met I was on ebay and she wasn’t. I more or less introduced her to ebay.

She has become a ‘power seller’ within 2 years. That is very good progess and is a status that most ebay shop-owners strive for because it gives many extra benefits. However, she has recently become a victim of the reliance on suppliers/manufacturers and their lack of stock. So she too has had orders paid for but cannot deliver because her suppliers have not delivered. She is in a catch 22 situation. Her difference from my situation is that she has paid her suppliers upfront. They haven’t delivered but still have her money.

Ebay have closed her shop and stopped her dealing. She has been unsuccessful in having any monies’ returned. She has drawn a blank, so before I sign off I want you to consider the possible pitfalls of joining ebay and their financial company paypal.

I have always withheld my judgement about my unhappy dealings with ebay but, my friends’ problems have just enraged me enough to stop giving ebay the benefit of the doubt and that mine was not an error. It was and still is plain BLOODY MINDEDNESS so EBAY/PAYPAL get your act together.

Until next time, take care ‘Old Git’ Jimbo