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  It’s been a  massive personal day for me today.

I had an appointment at Preston Royal Hospital and my thanks to business partner Chrissie for driving me there and waiting 3 hours til I was finished.

Firstly at the Blood Test Clinic and then the Cardio Vascular Assessment Dept. I hope I’ve got that right.

I had to provide a urine sample but I had to ask for a sample bottle which the male nurse at the blood clinic gladly provided and my thanks to him. For those of you who hate needles, I suggest you stop worrying because I hardly felt a thing, thanks to the expertise of the nurse. I just wish I had been more observant of all the name/title badges so I could give my personal thanks by name to the staff who I was involved with in my excellent treatment.

I do say to any of you that have had an experience, good or bad, to pass on your feelings and experiences. How else are all these very professional people to know if they are providing a good or bad service. Theirs’ is not just a ‘job’, it’s a vocation, otherwise why would they put up/tolerate us ‘numpties’.

I spent 3 hours at the hospital, and I only have immense praise for the staff, Senior Nurse Melissa Hughes, Nurse Linda and Student Nurse Mark, (I hope I have your names and work titles correct) who looked after me and took lots of tests and diagnoses. I have been diagnosed with Intermittent Claudication.

What is Intermittent Claudication?

It is related to the symptons caused by obstructions in the arteries of the legs ( sometimes called atherosclerosis or ‘hardening of the arteries’ ). These obstructions prevent enough blood from reaching your leg muscles as you exercise or walk. Without adequate blood flow, the muscles are starved of oxygen and this causes pain. When you rest, your muscles are not working as hard and require less blood flow, so the pain goes away. So there you go, you’re as wise as me now.

They had me on the treadmill (well I was on it, not them), lol and I thank them for their patience.

I’ve had problems recently in walking approx 250 yards and then my left calf would cramp and literally sieze up and I had to stop and rest til the agonising  pain subsided. The symptoms where highly irregular for me.

I have always kept myself fit, tho being a lifetime smoker til recently hasn’t helped me. I have almost stopped now and only smoke when I go out for a pint. I am gonna quit because this is a wake up call.

Prior to my appointment I received a phone call at home on Thursday from the appointments department, reminding me that I had an appointment the following Monday. I Thank you.

I received highly professional care and treatment. Without sounding too political I wish David Cameron would seriously think again about the changes that the coalition Government intend to make. Let the experts at grassroots/point of service level decide what needs to be done. We don’t tell the politicians what to do because they are ‘supposed’ to know what they are doing, so they should keep their noses out of what they have little knowledge of.

That’s all I have to say for now, tho the staff would agree that I do talk an awful lot (that’s why I blog) but, I hope not always rubbish.

I hope the staff are not annoyed at me when they see I am a Blackburn Rovers fan (someone has to be).

Many thanks again to the staff.

Take care til my next blog

‘Old Git’ Jimbo