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From my last blog praising the staff at Preston Royal Hospital, I have received good and bad responses.

I am giving two responses here, and each has their own views after reading my blog.

Firstly a bad and honest comment  from a facebook friend and the experience her mother had recently.

Hi Jimbo

Sorry to hear u’ve not bin well. Hope your  bettter soon, but oh my god u’ve got it SO WRONG about staff at RPH. What a complete waste of space they are. My Mum was stuck in there for a week before Xmas and they did naff all for her.  I wouldn’t mind but she’s a Senior Staff Nurse herself at another hospital. She would have got better treatment if she had treated herself. They even turned round to her and said they hadn’t time to put her cannuela in. PATHETIC!!!

Now another view from another facebook friend who had breast cancer and had to have a mascectomy over two years ago. Infact I was with her and her friends who celebrated her recovery after those terrible and life threatening two years.

Hi Jimbo

I have to agree about the staff there at PRH and at Chorley Hospital.

The treatment and professional courtesy and sensitivity I received from all the staff and still do  is second to none . Who knows where I would be without them? A great big thank you from me too!

So you see there is very good experiences and a very bad one.

I wrote my blog from my personal experience.

That’s all I can say.

Tell me of your experience, and I will include it in my blogs. You can stay anonymous as the two people who’s views and comments you have just read.

Until the next blog, take care and the ‘BEST of HEALTH’.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo