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Which half of Manchester is gonna take the Title, blue or red?

It’s been a two horse race for most of the season.

Friday must have been a day of mourning for both clubs and it wasn’t even the Champions League.

I heard some City fans saying, “we’ll pull a one goal deficit back at home, and at least we didn’t lose 2:3 at home”.

Well they shouldn’t be so confident cos Lisbon were the better side and if goalkeeper Joe Hart hadn’t been on his game the return leg would have been a formality.

As for United, I think they are really  gonna struggle to get the right result at Bilbao who have 3 away goals which means United have to win by 2 clear goals.

I think Spanish clubs will win both of the European titles.

At least the Manchester clubs can take some solace by winning their respective matches today (Sunday).

United HAVE to win at home to West Brom to stay in touch with City who would stay top even with a draw at Swansea because of their far superior goal fifference.

My forecast is  Man Utd 3 v 1 West Brom      .

My forecast is  Swansea City 2 v 2 Man City .

I can’t close my blog without saying well done to Bolton  and Blackburn for moving out of the relegation places because of their wins on Saturday.

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‘Old Git’ Jimbo