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Hiya Guys

Well Man Utd have answered the question I asked in my last blog.

They went into todays game trailing City by 2 points, and at the end of the day they are leading by one point and have also reduced the goal difference deficit.

My forecast was a 3:1 win for  United at home to West Brom,  tho they won 2:0. At least I got the goal difference correct.

I forecast  City for a 2:2 draw at Swansea  because I couldn’t see them beating Swansea. I was going well til Swansea scored in the last 10 minutes..

That result will not give City any confidence going into this weeks UEFA match against Sporting Lisbon.

Looks as tho  Wigan are still fighting to stave off relegation with a well earned and deserved 1:1 draw at

Norwich .

I’ve just been watching Spanish La Liga.  Racing Club Santander v Barcelona. Messi has just scored his 50th goal in 43 matches. Last season it took him 49 matches to record his 50th goal, what a player.

Many years ago (50/60’s I think) a well known player on Merseyside (Dixie Dean) scored 60 goals in a season, there were in those days approx 46 games in a season. In those days, when you take into account the muddy quagmire pitches and a ball that absorbed the mud and water, making it heavy, it makes me ask the question how would  Dixie have figured in today’s modern game?

Another thought for you before I sign off. How much would a Georgie Best in his Man Utd pomp have been transferred for in today’s market?  What a team including Best, Messi and Iniesta that would have been?

Well that’s it for another blog.

Hope you had a good weekend, take care

‘Old Git’ Jimbo