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This weekend MyTeamShirts are attending the Business 2012 exhibition at the O2 Arena in London. It’s a three day event and we are looking forward to the possibility of meeting, and speaking with, Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar, for whom I have the greatest admiration. (Is A.S. a politician….or just a Lord)???

Lord Alan Sugar is a self-made man. The only thing I have in common with Sir Alan is that I have used his products. He was the mastermind behind Amstrad in the 1980’s. The name was based on his business which at the time was A.M.S. Trading.

I purchased my first dedicated word processor/computer (AMSTRAD WPC256k) in 1987 when I was studying for my HND in Business Management. 256k memory held approx a yellow pages book. How times and technology have moved on since then. I still have that same computer and the software(3 1/2″ floppy discs) at home at the bottom of my wardrobe in full working order including the dot matrix printer.

In those days I would have been totally lost without my new PC.

In my opinion, Sir Alan was definitely an innovator and pathfinder and even had his own Amstrad PC monthly magazine published which I bought religiously. Having voiced my praise, I don’t personally go for all of this “Lordship” stuff tho.

Whatever happened to Amstrad????  Apart from “The Apprentice”, from which I am sure I would’ve heard the words “Your fired!”, I haven’t seen much of him on TV, although co-incidentally, he is actually on the cover of next week’s  BBC Radio Times 17th -24th March!

In my opinion, the British Government are picking his brains and his business acumen – I thought the Government had enough competent people to do that!

What a massive compliment to Sir Alan but, deservedly so!!!

Anyway that’s my blog and info to you for now, so from this ‘Old Git’ Jimbo, untill my next blog, take care.