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In my blog last week, I asked if their would still be a Manchester club in Europe this week.

Well this morning we now know.

The City of Manchester will no longer be represented in European football in 2012.

Athletic Bilbao outplayed  Man Utd NOT by attacking on the break but by continually chasing down the ball when the defensive players had the ball.

I think that the Bibao forwards showed how to pressurise a poor United defence by continually harrassing them with their energy.

There are not many English defensive players who are comfortable on the ball. Most foreign defensive players are happy with the ball at their feet.

Our English players cannot cope with the ball skills (and DIVING/CHEATING) of many foreign players and that contributed to their loss.

Man City came up against a very good Sporting Lisbon side who displayed the same skills they had shown in the first leg when Joe Hart was heroic with some of his saves..

The Portuguese looked far more likely to score when they attacked than City did.

I will hold my hand up by saying that both Manchester clubs came up against 2 very good European teams over 2 legs and, without making any aftermatch excuses

they were both well beaten.

I predict that both managers will say in their aftermatch press conferences that they can now concentrate on winning the Premiership.

I think City are best equipped to win the Barclaycard Premiership because United have a lot of youth but a few fading stars.

If City don’t win it, I think Mancini will be another statistic in City’s list of ‘sacked managers’.

Just a short blog this time because there’s not much to say after last nights’ dissappointing display from both Manchester clubs. The RED of United is for their ‘BLUSHES and EMBARRASSMENT’ and the BLUE of City is because they should be feeling the ‘BLUES’.

So until my next blog, take care.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo