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The teams of Manchester City F.C. and Manchest...

The teams of Manchester City F.C. and Manchester United F.C. line up prior to kick-off in the semi-final of the 2011 FA Cup at Wembley Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Sunday, March 11th United were 2 points behind City and at the end of the day, they were 1 point ahead of City.

United won 2-0 at home to WBA  and City could only draw 2-2 away to Swansea .

Since then United have maintained their lead, but the points gap keeps changing. A couple of games ago it looked nailed on for Uniteds’ 20th Title.

Because of Evertons’ great display at Old Trafford in a 4-4 draw, City are back in with a shout of winning the Title for the first time since the 1967/68 season.

The fact is that if City win tonight they will go above United by a small but significant goal difference, which in itself is worth a point.

I think City are best equipped to win the Barclaycard Premiership because United have a lot of youth but a few fading stars.

If City don’t win the Title , I think Mancini will be another statistic in City’s list of ‘sacked managers’.


I am going to cut you loose now because I am going to my local pub the ‘Prince of WalesChorley to watch the match and soak up the ‘atmosphere’.

So farewell for now. Take care and stay healthy.

‘Old Git‘ Jimbo




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Before my blog, may I offer my condolences to the family of London marathon runner CLAIRE SQUIRES who collapsed and died at such a young age while running for charity.

Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining, which is that amazingly through the internet the amount raised by so many generous people has surpassed £430,000 after only 2 days through her ’cause.

This is the website I have found . There are a number of related websites from the link, so take your pick and I hope you find what you are seeking if you wish to make a donation.

God bless Claire XXX


If you enjoy road cycling then you missed a great piece of individual cycling today which was televised by BRITISH EUROSPORT.

The winner was IVAILO GABROVSKI (Bulgarian). In a race distance of 148k (92.5 miles) he finished in a time of 4 hours-21 minutes in the saddle.

Football whimps where is your comparable fitness?

What a ride and what a climb. He set off by himself from about 6k from the finish and left the rest trailing in his wake.

The terrain and road surface were very uneven and demanding and very narrow. Fortunately there were no punctures because, not only would it have been difficult for the team car to get to the rider to replace his busted wheel but also once the rider has to stop on a very steep climb it is so physically demanding for him to get some start-up speed, especially when the gradient is 10% incline.

The crowds and support along the course and at the finish line were phenomenal.

It just goes to show how popular Professional road cycling is across Europe.

If you don’t have a great interest in the sport then watch it for the sheer beauty of the landscape and scenery along various cycle routes in many countries.


 Antalya is the capital city of the Antalya Province, located on the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The population of the city is 603,190 (2000 census) but reaches up to 2 million in summers at the height of the tourist season. Situated on a steep cliff, Antalya is a picturesque city surrounded by mountains, forests, mediterranean sea and many ancient ruins; with one notable archaeological museum. With its airport it is a gateway for Turkey’s coastal resorts which took the name Turkish Riviera because of the natural and historical beauties of it.

Combining history and culture it deserves the title of “the capital of Turkish tourism“. Today the city of Antalya is reliving a golden age. It has been transformed into a cultural and touristic hub with thematic hotels with concepts like Venice, Topkapý Palace, and cathedrals in Moscow. Kaleici, the rustic old town where historic Turkish and Greek houses are under protection, is the most popular center in Antalya. It is situated between the yacht harbour and the main city. Old houses that are separated by narrow, cobble-stone roads are now hotels and tourism-related shops. Traces of Byzantine, Roman and Seljuks architecture and culture can still be seen. Also Antalya museums house the finds belonging to historic ages of Anatolia.

Inside the city Yivli Minare and Kulliye, Karaalioglu park are places where Ottoman architecture can be seen. Konyaalti and Lara coasts are well known with their crystal clear waters. The prominent sites accessible by daily tours are Side, Perga, Manavgat and Alanya. Ancient cities like Phaselis, Olympos, Adrasan and Kekova can be reached from the sea by Blue voyagers


Elmalı (literally apple-town) is a district as well as its the centre town in Turkey’s Antalya Province. It lies about 35 km inland, at the head of a long upland valley at an altitude that varies between 1050 to 1150 meters from sea level for Elmalı urban center. Throughout history it has suffered the rising and falling fortune of the Lycian region, being ruled respectively by the Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires.

That’s my blog and hope you found something of interest in it (INNIT)?


Take care and stay healthy

‘Old Git’ Jimbo



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I want to congratulate FLEETWOOD TOWN on their promotion to the FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

Without going into their complete football history (tho historical it has been) they have been Reincarnated (so to speak) 3 times. What a successfull roller coaster the club and ‘fans’ must have been on, and hopefully may the roller coaster continue in an upward direction, so below is some info’ on them.

They really have had a meteoric journey of success.

They must have an excellent management and backup team as well as a great football team, because their’s is not an overnight success story. It’s down to momentum and doing things right throughout the club at all levels.



Fleetwood Town Football Club is an English football club based in Fleetwood, Lancashire, on the North West coast of England and played their matches in the Conference National, the fifth tier of English football; they will now play in League Two of the Football League in 2012-13.

It is the first time in the club’s history that it has played in the Football League. They were re-incarnated in 1997 as Fleetwood Town F.C. They were first formed in 1908. Their home strip is red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts. Their home ground is Highbury Stadium in Fleetwood.


 RUNNERS UP (and play-off winners) – 2009–10

The Conference North also known as Blue Square Bet North for sponsorship reasons, is a division of the Football Conference in England, taking its place immediately below the Conference National. Along with Conference South it is at Step 2 of the National League System and the sixth overall tier of the English football league system. It consists of teams located in northern England, the English Midlands and North Wales.



The Premier Division is the top division of the Northern Premier League. It is at Step 3 (or level 7) of the National League System, placing it six divisions below the Premier League. For sponsorship reasons, it is often referred to as the Evo-Stik League Premier Division.

The league was founded in 1968, as the northern equivalent of the Southern League, being the highest level non-League division below The Football League. In 1979, upon the creation of the Alliance Premier League, it became a feeder league and fell down one ‘level’ in the English football league system. Since then, its prestige has fallen further: there are now two levels between it and the Football League.

The division is at the same level as the Premier Divisions of the Southern League and the Isthmian League. At the end of each season two clubs are promoted to the Conference North: the league champions, and the winners of a play-off competition held between the 2nd through 5th placed clubs. The four lowest placed teams are relegated to the Northern Premier League Division One North or Northern Premier League Division One South, to be replaced by four promoted teams.

In my next blog I will include CHESTER CITY and CHORLEY MAGPIES.

Chester City have just won promotion to the division that Fleetwood have just won, and Chorley (the Town of my birth) are just about hanging on in the ‘play offs’ and look like they may be playing Bradford Park Avenue in one of the Semi-finals.

That’s my blog this time round so, as usual, take care and stay healthy.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo

Conference North was introduced in 2004 as part of a major restructuring of English non-League football. The champions are automatically promoted to Conference National. A second promotion place goes to the winners of play-offs involving the teams finishing in second to fifth place. The winners of the play-offs are also promoted to Conference National. The three bottom clubs are relegated to Step 3 leagues. Teams from this division, as well as from the Conference South, enter the FA Cup at the Second Qualifying Round. On the last day of the 2010–11 season, Eastwood Town set a new record of 19 games unbeaten in the league, passing Southport and Solihull Moors previous joint record of 18 games.[1]

From 2007–08, and for the next three years, it has been known officially as the Blue Square Bet North.

On April 10th 2012, Chester FC were crowned champions of the Evo-Stik Northern Premier Division and have gained promotion to the Conference North for the 2012-2013 season.


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I am quickly discovering from the comments that you send me, that you appreciate and are grateful for much of the content and facts  that I include in some of my blogs.

You have gone on further to say that you have found the facts very helpful and have put some to good use.

Previously I have included the facts, as I see them and have left you to decide what you do with the info.

This time in my blog I am just going to give you some common sense logical points that you should consider before you think about THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY TO SCAMSTERS (SCUMSTERS).

Common Sense Ideas for Protecting Yourself against Scams

The best way to avoid getting taken in by a scam is to take heed of the age-old saying: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is“. A free lunch sounds great, but not when it ends up costing you 100 times the cost of a regular lunch. Many of the internet scams resolve around a few common concepts. By learning to recognize them you can easily avoid many scams.

  1. Earnings, wages, commissions, winnings, that are excessive.
  2. Getting something you never asked for; ie: winning a lottery you never entered, getting a job you never interviewed for, etc.
  3. Getting involved in an “easy” business that you have no background in that offers high profits.
  4. Receiving payments of any kind and returning part of them by Western Union, Wire Transfer etc.
  5. Purchasing something from a far-away country at a price that is very low.

The key element in all of these is that you believe you will make some quick easy money. In the end you will lose lots of time and money and receive nothing in exchange.

Use a little common sense, and keep in mind that the scammers try their scams on many people and can easily develop the skills to manipulate you into trusting them.

A few quick examples.

Promise of jobs abroad

Ask someone in the USA if they want a job for US$ 120,000 abroad  and how easy it is to get. I bet you’ll find a lot of people that want just a job and there are very few such jobs.

Do you really think you can get such a job in Africa without even completing an interview? Use some common sense and you’ll save the money you’re about to send for the visa processing fees. Yes, you’ll be told it will be completely refunded. The truth is there is no refund and if you pay that there will probably be another fee… and another one… until you run out of money or stop paying.

Do you really think it is common for a nanny to earn US$500 a week… or that nannies in the USA are paid in British Pounds? Same scam, you’ll be asked to contact a travel agency to arrange for your trip… whatever you pay is lost money. I got accepted as nanny just by emailing and not providing any qualifications. Think!

Animal sob stories

Do you really think someone is going to ship a pet from Africa for a couple hundred dollars? They may claim to be religious and have a sob story about the animal, but aside from the actual customs regulations in your country if you were to receive an animal, they will play on your emotions to extract all kinds of fees as the animal is supposedly being transported to you. Of course the sellers don’t have any animals, just a few photos and heart wrenching words.

Accepting scam payments

There are many excuses to send you a cheque, from buying something to processing payments for someone abroad. The essence of this scam is to overpay you for something or trick you into thinking you can earn a nice commission processing payments. A few weeks or months after you deposit the cheques, they will bounce (forged cheques) and you’ll be out the bank fees, and whatever cash you forwarded to the scammers and you might even get hassled by the police too!

Deposit Accounts

Another thing to watch out for is someone from overseas that is looking for you to purchase products on your credit card (or theirs) and then reship the merchandise to them. If you use your credit card you can be sure you’ll never actually get paid (see above about forged cheques). If you use their credit card you can pretty much bet on it being a stolen card. Either way, you’re going to be out the cost of the merchandise and the overseas shipping. I won’t even get into the hassles you open yourself up to if the stuff wasn’t bought with your credit card.

These are just a few pointers to look out for and to consider before you PAY FOR THE FREE LUNCH.

That’s it for another blog so take care and stay healthy

‘Old Git’ Jimbo

Blackburn Rovers are DOOMED while VENKY’S are the owners.

What do CHICKEN FARMERS know about how to run a football club?

What do I say when they are playing in the ‘Championship’?

I knew I would get my winge in somewhere.


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Those of us with websites hope to make money. That’s usually the norm’  but not always. Some want to send out a message to people less fortunate than ourselves. Some websites want to combine both together.

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Which part of my HEADING  led you here? Was it the SEX INNUENDO, or POLITICS and BUSINESS?

I’m going to cover both briefly, after all you don’t want to be brow beaten.


I am not a  politician, although it has been said that I should be, but then what do I know?

I speak my mind and I so wish that politicians would do the same, and not ‘toe the party line’ or the WHIPS. (The sex comes later).

It seems to me and friends I talk to that the ‘majority’ of politicians just offer ‘RHETORIC/WORDS’ and are paid approx. £70,000 per year for not doing very much except showing themselves up, like kids in the playground, particularly the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition at Prime Minister’s question time each Wednesday at 12:00 noon.

Why is it called question time? Questions deserve answers. Have you ever heard them answer with’an ‘answer’?

I watch regularly the ‘Daily Politics‘ on BBC TV and even Andrew Neill (the best) and Jo Coburn (2nd best, sorry girl) can’t get answers from them when they’re on the show. A great show by the way. ( Give me the £10 later Andrew).

There are too many high profile people in POLITICS and BUSINESS whose prime concern is to make EXHORBITANT amounts of money regardless of who is on the receiving end.

Ok, low interest rates are the worst this generation has encountered and the business ‘ELITE’ do create wealth, which in turn creates jobs, but sometimes it’s just for pure greed.

They are already MILLIONAIRES. How could you or I spend a million sensibly?

My only exception is Sir Richard Branson who wants to run the National Lottery for nil profit, and pass on the ‘PROFITS‘ to CHARITIES’.

Why has he been passed by?

Read a previous blog of mine on that matter. I’m too big to be a terrier but I am like a dog with a bone. The trouble is, although Sir Richard has read my blog on the subject, he has yet to reply and say “leave it alone Jimbo”.


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Friday the 13th, ‘the most widespread superstition’

When you wake up today, it will be one of the worst day’s of the year for you.

There will be three occurrences in 2012, exactly 13 weeks apart of Friday 13th.

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky due to the combination of two ancient beliefs, that both the number 13 and Friday are unlucky. Paraskevidekatriaphobics people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th will be pricking up their ears about now, bouyed by seeming evidence that the source of their unholy terror might not be so irrational after all. It’s unwise to take solace in a single scientific study, however, especially one so peculiar. I suspect these statistics have more to teach us about human psychology than the ill-fatedness of any particular date on the calendar.

The sixth day of the week and the number 13 both have foreboding reputations said to date from ancient times.  According to some sources it’s the most widespread superstition in the United States today, and very similar in the UK.
Some people refuse to go to work on Friday the 13th; some won’t eat in restaurants; many wouldn’t think of setting a wedding on that date.
I know of people who book the day off from work and won’t even get out of their beds -they even plan their day by having all they need by their bedside. They are ever so careful when they go to the bathroom.

How many Americans at the beginning of the 21st century suffer from this condition? According to Dr. Donald Dossey, a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of phobias (and coiner of the term “paraskevidekatriaphobia”, also spelled “paraskavedekatriaphobia“), the figure may be as high as 21 million. If he’s right, no fewer than eight percent of Americans remain in the grips of a very old superstition.

Sometimes, everything you know is wrong. No, you’re not stupid, you are the victim of urban legends – modern folklore tales that have the ring of truth but are almost always false. The use of the word “urban” is not meant to suggest these myths are relegated solely to cities, but rather that these are modern tales that spread by word of mouth or the equivalent in our age, the Internet. The original story can get distorted with the repeated retelling. That’s how a kernel of truth turns into a whopper. But then again there are plenty of contemporary legends that never had any basis in fact, even though attested to by a “friend of a friend”.

“When an urban legend goes viral, it is shared on the Internet and through email by thousands or millions of individuals who believe in the veracity of the legend – or say they do”, said Fred Hurst from “Because these legends often have elements of horror or humor, they are fun to talk about and spread”. There is also a certain paranoid strain within any population that is willing to believe those stories that feed their paranoia. What passes for political discourse in the 21st century is often filled with urban legends, like “health care wants to kill grandma” or “the moon landing was faked”. Some urban legends are repeated again and again on television shows, such as the Kidney Heist legend: being knocked out and waking up with a kidney missing. What a load of crap!!!. Law and Order had a field day with that one. “MythBusters” is a cable TV show dedicated to debunking urban legends and tales.

Before I end my blog, here is a joke based on American humour (not humor).

How to Get Out of A Speeding Ticket on Friday the 13th

A man bought a new Mercedes to celebrate his wife leaving him and was out on the interstate for a nice evening drive.

The top was down, (that wouldn’t always be possible in the UK), the breeze was blowing through what was left of his hair, (not me, my ego again), and he decided to open her up. As the needle jumped up to 80 mph, he suddenly saw flashing red and blue lights behind him.

“There’s no way they can catch a Mercedes”, he thought to himself and opened her up further. The needle hit 90, 100…..Then the reality of the situation hit him. “What am I doing?” he thought, and pulled over.

The cop came up to him, took his license without a word and examined it and the car.

“It’s been a long hard day, this is the end of my shift and it’s Friday the 13th. I don’t feel like more paperwork, I don’t need the frustration or the overtime, so if you can give me a really good excuse for your driving that I haven’t heard before, you can go”.

The guy thinks about it for a second and says, “a couple of days ago my nagging wife ran off with a cop. I was afraid you were trying to give her back!”

“Have a nice weekend”, said the officer.

Take care, stay healthy and have a safe and accident free FRIDAY 13th

‘Old Git’ Jimbo


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I’m ranting and wingeing again about footballers on EASY STREET.

I’ve listened to the soccer pundits, ex-footballers by the way (Gary Neville, Gary Lineaker, Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer ((the best)) and Mark Lawrenson) commenting on why some teams are fading in team performance in the end of season ‘run in’.

They have all stated in their ‘opinions’ that footballers are playing matches too close together ie 2 games per week.

Stoke City for example have played (I believe) 51 games so far. What about the workers who are  doing 40 hours every week for 50 weeks for a fraction of their pay?

Come on guys get real and stop wrapping these so called ‘PRIMA DONNAS’ in cotton wool. (DONNA is a womans’ name, RIGHT)?

It’s a good job that I’m writing this behind closed doors ‘cos they’d have my ‘guts for garters’.

While I’m in this ‘rich vein’ of criticism, Football Managers have their own Union and meet from time to time. I have heard them complaining about the vast increases in transfer fees. These are grown men. Why don’t they ALL AGREE to put a CAP on transfer fees as they do in RUGBY LEAGUE and save their Clubs a fortune, which could be passed onto us, the fans by reducing admission prices? Makes sense to me, but then they only ‘manage’! They don’t balance the books do they?

Get rid of the ‘Mr 10% agents’ and increase the scouting to discover and nurture the home grown kids playing on the local park or playing fields.

I hate to see players ‘diving’ for various reasons, ie penalties, free kicks or to get a FELLOW PROFESSIONAL booked or sent off. In my book that is ‘CHEATING’.

They aren’t exactly good ‘role models’ for the kids who want to be players in the future.

Come back George Best. The cheats would have had to break his legs to put him on the deck because of his sheer ability to genuinely stay on his feet.

Footballers should go to watch a Rugby match and observe how ‘real men’ conduct themselves.

I watch several sports and I am amazed at their supreme fitness levels. Footballers do not even come close in fitness levels.

Tennis players Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic  at the Australian tennis open  earlier this year showed their superb and outstanding physical and mental fitness, but also their iron will and never-say-die spirit.

Murray and Nadal played out a thrilling Semi- Final match which lasted 4 hours-45 minutes. That is the equivilant of playing 3 football matches.

The Nadal v Djokovic Final lasted a mindblowing 5 hours and 50 minutes which is the equivilant of  10 minutes short of 4 football matches so Nadal played the equivilant of 7 football matches in 3 days.

I also saw on SKY TV Belgium (Flemish actually) Pro Cyclist Tom Boonan winning his 4th ‘Paris Roubaix’ cycle race. That race is is a one day Classic and lasts approx 6 HOURS. His time was 5 hours 55mins. Most of the race is over COBBLED STONES. Can you guys imagine having your ‘whatsits’ shaken for 6 hours? Ok, as the modern adage goes, ‘too much information’!

This is not meant to be ‘sexist ‘but, women are said to be the ‘weaker sex’, rubbish. Women tennis players and cyclists very often spend more than 2 hours in one session of their sport.

I’ve previously slagged off Pro footballers because they winge (that’s my job) so much at playing 2 matches in one week. That is why I’m highlighting the void in physical fitness levels  between  the sports. In fact it’s a chasm in my view.

I wonder if the football club managers are trying to figure out how these human dynamos have become so fit, because I am. Fitness level alone is not always enough tho’. I think the magic ingredient that ties physical and mental fitness together is the iron will and motivation.

It isn’t obvious to me that soccer players have any of these abilities apart from money motivation. Even a local derby match has lost a lot of it’s magic because there are so many foreign players around, although, they are the flair players.

Because I am a ‘Chorley fella’ I have sometimes spotted Chorley’s World famous boxer Michael Jennings setting off to run up the local fells and hills of the Pennines and it must play a part in his proven fitness, stamina and durability which is necessary in a sport to which he must be dedicated.

So I put it to all you sports fans out there, are the modern day soccer players WHIMPS or is it that other sports people are HUMAN DYNAMOS?

Ok I’m off my ‘soap box’ for now, until the next time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy

What a shambles  Blackburn Rovers 2 v 3 Liverpool (10 men)

Get owners Venky’s out

‘Old ‘Git’ Jimbo

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