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Okay,  I am back into my football match forecasting mode this weekend.

Here they are with my predicted results and scores starting with the Barclaycard Premiership and then the next division down which is the Championship.


Aston Villa 2 v 4 Chelsea

Everton 2 v  0 WBA            

Fulham 2 v 1 Norwich City

 Man City 3 v 1 Sunderland

QPR 2 v 1 Arsenal       

Wigan 2 v 0 Stoke City        

Wolves 2 v 3 Bolton      

Now the Championship without showing the clubs 2/3 way shirts

Blackpool 3 v 0 Southampton

Brighton 1 v 1 Middlesborough

Bristol City 1 v 1 Derby County

Cardiff City 0 v 0 Millwall

Crystal Palace 0 v 3 Notts Forest

Hull City 0 v 2 Coventry City

Ipswich Town 1 v 0 Barnsley

Leeds Utd o v 2 Watford

Peterborough Utd 1 v 0 Leicester City

Portsmouth 1 v 5 Burnley

West Ham Utd 2 v 4 Reading

Those are my predictions but, I have a tip for other bloggers on how to increase the numbers of visitors to your blog.

Take advantage of any opportunity to be OUTRAGIOUS, CONTENTIOUS AND HUMOUROUS.

So here’s wishing you a very happy and HUMOUROUS APRIL FOOLS DAY.


Until the next time, take care and don’t take things too serious cos there’s always someone worse off than yourself.

‘Old Git’  Jimbo