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Right let me get down to saying it as it is, regarding Blackburn Rovers’ of which I have been a supporter for 50 years.

I’ve just watched Blackburn Rovers ‘gift’ 3 points to Man Utd.

This season my ‘beloved’ Rovers team  has to rate with the worst I have seen. I’ve seen Rovers relegated quite a few times over the years and all the teams that have been relegated have been better than the present one and have ALWAYS bounced back. The playing squad is good but the playing ‘tactics’, in my opinion are so wrong.

Whatever has happened to man marking? I harped on about this in a previous blog.

I’ve just watched Rovers ‘gift’ 3 points to Man Utd partly because of poor tactics and some great saves from the United keeper at the end of the first half, when I thought Rovers could have ended the  half 2:1 ahead.

It’s correct for Valencia to be awarded as ‘man of the match’, but any player can look good if he is given the space and time on the ball. Each time he got the ball he had at least 10 yards free space.

I played as an  amateur but always deployed man to man marking.

The tactics are down to the manager and coaching staff. I think they are incompetent in their ideas and tactics.

Why be prepared to soak up pressure from the opposition when we all know that possession and attack is the best form of defence?

Both United goals were developed from the right wing. I was on facebook while watching the match and I commented that if United scored it would be from Uniteds’ right wing. I hated to be proved right this time round. As for my ‘heading’ about Venkys. I’ve never seen how their name is spelt and not interested.

All they want is a foothold in the UK to promote and gain publicity for their ‘business’ whatever the cost. Unfortunately  it’s at the cost of possible  ‘relegation’ from the Barclays Premiership for Blackburn Rovers who incidentally are one of the original 12 founding members of the football association which was formed in 1888, tho they date further back to 1875.

‘Uncle Jack’ will be turning in his grave especially to see his own family wring their hands of the club and sell out to an Indian chicken farm family who’s sole interest seems to be to bring Rovers to their knees, cos even that would put them on the business map in the UK.

What’s the saying, any publicity is ‘good publicity’?

If they wish to defend themselves in their actions, or lack of action and ambition by saying they would invest in the ‘club’ then bring it on and lets’s have a forum/discussion with the fans about their views and  plans for Blackburn Rovers’ future.

What have they done to improve Blackburn Rovers? They sacked then manager Sam Allardyce and inserted Sam’s assistant Steve Keane to take over without any proven track record of management when Rovers where in a decent league position.

Steve has done as well as can be expected after the departure of Samba, Neilsen and Jones, all defenders. They have the 2nd worst defence in the Premiership and he has had to play a team partly made up from the academy with little experience, so is it little wonder why they find themselves in the league  position that they are in?

Steves’ hands are firmly tied (infact they’re trussed up like a proverbial chicken) waiting for the axe to fall.

As I understand things, he needs to travel to India once a month for a club/team talk. If he has any sense he will save his airmiles and fly the ‘chicken coop’ at the end of the relegation fight.

I’m deflated by the result so I’ll sign off and wish you all the best until the next time.

Take care

‘Old Git’ Jimbo