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Hi Guys

This is just an update on a previous blog from a few weeks ago about the problems Chrissie my business partner has gone through with Ebay/Paypal.

She has now had a favourable ‘RESULT’.

As previously mentioned her EBAY account was suspended due to unpaid fees  as a direct result of PAYPAL refunding customers for items not received. Her supplier WE ARE ELECTRICALS  had almost £700 of her money and never supplied the goods. Numerous telephone calls and emails later and still no money. Empty promises and failed attempts to obtain refunds. She finally realised that she had used her Paypal Access Card to make the original purchases so,,,, she contacted Paypal Access Customer services and excercised her Consumer Rights by requesting a full refund of all monies paid to WAE. The money was reclaimed by Paypal Access Card from WAE and paid directly into her account. All this within 7 days.

Moral of the story is, if you are going to purchase anything on the internet, use a credit card (prepaid or otherwise), and if you don’t receive your goods you can reclaim your money from the credit card provider.

She still has other problems to resolve but, they are minor  compared to the previous ones.

You might want to share the link to this page too which explains how other people have been scammed by WAE.

WAE have been in the news recently and their track record can be seen by clicking onto the link above to see how other people have faired.

Sorry for such a short blog this time.

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