Hi Guys

I am responding to requests from a few followers of my blogs, but one in particular concerning EBAY/PAYPAL.

They want further info on their Consumer rights. So I will tell you what I know concerning mine and my business partner Chrissie’s experiences .

6 years ago I had a shop on Ebay. For 2 years I was pretty successful and happy. Then my PC threw a wobbler and ceased to operate. I was offline for a week or two, so I went to Runshaw College in Chorley and they allowed me to use a PC there. I was and still am very grateful that they provided that service for me and the staff were very helpful.

When I got online I went into Ebay and discovered that they had closed my shop down until I paid them money that they insisted  I owed them through their Paypal department.

I hadn’t made any transactions, but I discovered that a customer had paid £40 into my Paypal account and had not received his goods. Paypal had taken their cut% from his payment to me.

I emailed Ebay several times to explain my PC problems and that because I hadn’t made any withdrawls from my Paypal account all they needed to do was pay him back the original £40 and that would sort out any misunderstanding. They failed to respond.  It seemed quite simple to me, so why did they make it so complicated?

To this day I have not operated on Ebay although I might add, they still email me statements telling  me I am ACTUALLY in credit by £12.46p. They did not offer me any explanation and that was 4 years ago.

When they first started they treasured every new buyer and seller. Now we are insignificant.

A similar situation has happened to my business partner Chrissie, and what you read further is how she was successfull in getting a refund.

When we first met I was on Ebay and she wasn’t. I more or less introduced her to Ebay.

She became a ‘power seller’ within 2 years. That was very good progress and is a status that most Ebay shop-owners strive for because it gives many extra benefits. However, she became a victim of the reliance on suppliers/manufacturers and their lack of stock. So she too had orders paid for but could not deliver because her suppliers had not delivered. She was in a catch 22 situation. Her difference from my situation was that she had paid her suppliers upfront. They didn’t deliver but still  had her money, and quite rightly Paypal took their % .

Ebay closed her shop and stopped her from dealing. She was unsuccessful in having any monies’ returned. She drew a blank.

She has now had a favourable ‘RESULT’.

As previously mentioned her Ebay account was suspended due to unpaid fees  as a direct result of PAYPAL refunding customers for items not received. Her supplier WE ARE ELECTRICALS  had almost £700 of her money and never supplied the goods. Numerous telephone calls and emails later and still no money. Empty promises and failed attempts to obtain refunds.

EUREKA!!!  She finally realised that she had used her Paypal Access Card to make the original purchases so,,,, she contacted Paypal Access Customer services and excercised her Consumer Rights by requesting a full refund of all monies paid to WAE. The money was reclaimed by Paypal Access Card from WAE and paid directly into her account. All this within 7 days.

She still has other problems to resolve but they are minor  compaired to the previous ones.

You might want to share the link to this page too  http://www.weareelectricals.wordpress.com/ which explains how other people have been scammed by WAE.

WAE have been in the news recently and their track record can be seen by clicking onto the link above to see how other people have faired after being SCAMMED.

‘Come into my web said the spider to the fly’.

I have always withheld my judgement about my unhappy dealings with Ebay but, Chrissies’ problems have just enraged me enough to stop giving Ebay the benefit of the doubt and that mine was not an error. It was and still is plain BLOODY MINDEDNESS so EBAY/PAYPAL get your act together.

How many more of you out there have had similar experiences? I’d  like to know, so tell me.

The moral here is, if you are going to purchase anything on the internet, use a credit card (prepaid or otherwise), and if you don’t receive your goods you can reclaim your money from the credit card provider.

Before I sign off I want you to consider the possible pitfalls of joining Ebay and their financial department Paypal.

Take care till the next time and I really hope that this further information has been helpful and I can now put the Ebay/Paypal saga to rest.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo