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Hi Guys

Obviously you’re on my blog @ www.miteamshirts.com .Our website addresses are  www.mits-online.co.uk  or www.myteamshirts.co.uk . Our e-mail address is info@mits-online.co.uk  I would like to know wether you enjoy reading a particular blog or not.The best way you can tell me is by replying and making your comment .I will try to make it easier for you .In the next few lines below you will see some text that you can just COPY and PASTE  and put into your REPLY/COMMENT.

Hi Jimbo, I’ts (YOUR NAME) here and I agree/don’t agree with some some of your comments. This is my opinion etc, etc. (YOUR COMMENT).

That’s all you have to do. Just delete the words that aren’t relevant in your view.

From my last blog praising the staff at Preston Royal Hospital, I have received good and bad responses.

I am giving two responses here, and each has…

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