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I’m ranting and wingeing again about footballers on EASY STREET.

I’ve listened to the soccer pundits, ex-footballers by the way (Gary Neville, Gary Lineaker, Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer ((the best)) and Mark Lawrenson) commenting on why some teams are fading in team performance in the end of season ‘run in’.

They have all stated in their ‘opinions’ that footballers are playing matches too close together ie 2 games per week.

Stoke City for example have played (I believe) 51 games so far. What about the workers who are  doing 40 hours every week for 50 weeks for a fraction of their pay?

Come on guys get real and stop wrapping these so called ‘PRIMA DONNAS’ in cotton wool. (DONNA is a womans’ name, RIGHT)?

It’s a good job that I’m writing this behind closed doors ‘cos they’d have my ‘guts for garters’.

While I’m in this ‘rich vein’ of criticism, Football Managers have their own Union and meet from time to time. I have heard them complaining about the vast increases in transfer fees. These are grown men. Why don’t they ALL AGREE to put a CAP on transfer fees as they do in RUGBY LEAGUE and save their Clubs a fortune, which could be passed onto us, the fans by reducing admission prices? Makes sense to me, but then they only ‘manage’! They don’t balance the books do they?

Get rid of the ‘Mr 10% agents’ and increase the scouting to discover and nurture the home grown kids playing on the local park or playing fields.

I hate to see players ‘diving’ for various reasons, ie penalties, free kicks or to get a FELLOW PROFESSIONAL booked or sent off. In my book that is ‘CHEATING’.

They aren’t exactly good ‘role models’ for the kids who want to be players in the future.

Come back George Best. The cheats would have had to break his legs to put him on the deck because of his sheer ability to genuinely stay on his feet.

Footballers should go to watch a Rugby match and observe how ‘real men’ conduct themselves.

I watch several sports and I am amazed at their supreme fitness levels. Footballers do not even come close in fitness levels.

Tennis players Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic  at the Australian tennis open  earlier this year showed their superb and outstanding physical and mental fitness, but also their iron will and never-say-die spirit.

Murray and Nadal played out a thrilling Semi- Final match which lasted 4 hours-45 minutes. That is the equivilant of playing 3 football matches.

The Nadal v Djokovic Final lasted a mindblowing 5 hours and 50 minutes which is the equivilant of  10 minutes short of 4 football matches so Nadal played the equivilant of 7 football matches in 3 days.

I also saw on SKY TV Belgium (Flemish actually) Pro Cyclist Tom Boonan winning his 4th ‘Paris Roubaix’ cycle race. That race is is a one day Classic and lasts approx 6 HOURS. His time was 5 hours 55mins. Most of the race is over COBBLED STONES. Can you guys imagine having your ‘whatsits’ shaken for 6 hours? Ok, as the modern adage goes, ‘too much information’!

This is not meant to be ‘sexist ‘but, women are said to be the ‘weaker sex’, rubbish. Women tennis players and cyclists very often spend more than 2 hours in one session of their sport.

I’ve previously slagged off Pro footballers because they winge (that’s my job) so much at playing 2 matches in one week. That is why I’m highlighting the void in physical fitness levels  between  the sports. In fact it’s a chasm in my view.

I wonder if the football club managers are trying to figure out how these human dynamos have become so fit, because I am. Fitness level alone is not always enough tho’. I think the magic ingredient that ties physical and mental fitness together is the iron will and motivation.

It isn’t obvious to me that soccer players have any of these abilities apart from money motivation. Even a local derby match has lost a lot of it’s magic because there are so many foreign players around, although, they are the flair players.

Because I am a ‘Chorley fella’ I have sometimes spotted Chorley’s World famous boxer Michael Jennings setting off to run up the local fells and hills of the Pennines and it must play a part in his proven fitness, stamina and durability which is necessary in a sport to which he must be dedicated.

So I put it to all you sports fans out there, are the modern day soccer players WHIMPS or is it that other sports people are HUMAN DYNAMOS?

Ok I’m off my ‘soap box’ for now, until the next time.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy

What a shambles  Blackburn Rovers 2 v 3 Liverpool (10 men)

Get owners Venky’s out

‘Old ‘Git’ Jimbo