Hi Guys.

My blog addy is www.miteamshirts.com.

Yeah I’ve really got my own dot com addy, can’t believe my luck.

My personal e-mail addy is James@mits-online.co.uk , and ladies, I love your e-mails but please don’t get so personal. Behave yourselves. I’m an ‘Old Git’.

Okay let’s get down to business and do some plain speaking which I do quite often. If you can’t then I can and will for you.

Those of us with websites hope to make money. That’s usually the norm’  but not always. Some want to send out a message to people less fortunate than ourselves. Some websites want to combine both together.

At www.myteamshirts.co.uk we also want to combine business with caring for others.

You have the contact details now to be able to get in touch, to ask for advice or just to give your opinions. I have large ears so please get in touch PLEASE.

Websites are www.myteamshirts.co.uk/www.mits-online.co.uk

We people with websites are in a unique position to help each other by just clicking onto a LIKE BUTTON. If you are just visiting a website or reading a blog from curiosity or for info’ PLEASE BE COURTEOUS and leave a comment whether it’s good or bad.

I leave comments on a regular basis and ALSO TRY to leave a FAVOURABLE remark. We all love compliments, and I am no exception.

I’m gonna’ question your motives now.

Which part of my HEADING  led you here? Was it the SEX INNUENDO, or POLITICS and BUSINESS?

I’m going to cover both briefly, after all you don’t want to be brow beaten.


I am not a  politician, although it has been said that I should be, but then what do I know?

I speak my mind and I so wish that politicians would do the same, and not ‘toe the party line’ or the WHIPS. (The sex comes later).

It seems to me and friends I talk to that the ‘majority’ of politicians just offer ‘RHETORIC/WORDS’ and are paid approx. £70,000 per year for not doing very much except showing themselves up, like kids in the playground, particularly the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition at Prime Minister’s question time each Wednesday at 12:00 noon.

Why is it called question time? Questions deserve answers. Have you ever heard them answer with’an ‘answer’?

I watch regularly the ‘Daily Politics‘ on BBC TV and even Andrew Neill (the best) and Jo Coburn (2nd best, sorry girl) can’t get answers from them when they’re on the show. A great show by the way. ( Give me the £10 later Andrew).

There are too many high profile people in POLITICS and BUSINESS whose prime concern is to make EXHORBITANT amounts of money regardless of who is on the receiving end.

Ok, low interest rates are the worst this generation has encountered and the business ‘ELITE’ do create wealth, which in turn creates jobs, but sometimes it’s just for pure greed.

They are already MILLIONAIRES. How could you or I spend a million sensibly?

My only exception is Sir Richard Branson who wants to run the National Lottery for nil profit, and pass on the ‘PROFITS‘ to CHARITIES’.

Why has he been passed by?

Read a previous blog of mine on that matter. I’m too big to be a terrier but I am like a dog with a bone. The trouble is, although Sir Richard has read my blog on the subject, he has yet to reply and say “leave it alone Jimbo”.


I’m not going to discuss sex but, will show you examples of some SCREEN PRINTED SHIRTS that we at MiTeamShirt have been asked to supply.

Don’t judge us by the shirts you see.

I’ve spared you certain one’s such as sexual positions.

Some are risque, but we are grown ups so make your own mind up and give me some FEEDBACK. PREFERABLY give me SOME ORDERS.

Take care and stay healthy

Old Git Jimbo