Hi there.

In my last blog I said I would be offering you some football tips.

Well here are the results.

Remember that I predicted 2.5 (3) goals would be scored in  these 8 matches.

Each  group of 4 consisted of 15 bets Which are called Lucky 15.

This is how the bets came out from the 1st group.

2 correct and 2 wrong

4 single bets / 2 correct

6 doubles / 1 correct 

4 trebles 0

1  4 timer 0

Equals 15 bets. 3 up and 12 down

4 single bets / 2 correct

6 doubles / 1 correct

4 trebles 0

1  4 timer 0

Arsenal v Q.P.R. (Premiership) 1:0

Rochdale v Fleetwood (Div Two) 0:0

Bristol City v Hull City (Championship) 2:1

Brentford Town v Hartlepool (Div One) 2:2

The 2nd group of 4 had more success and would have made a 20% profit.

Equals 15 bets. 7 up and 8 down

Everton v Liverpool (Premiership) 2:2

Tranmere v Preston (Div One) 1:1

Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur (Premiership) 1:3

Cardiff v Burnley (Championship) 4:1

4 single bets / 3 correct

6 doubles / 3 correct

4 trebles 1 correct

1  4 timer 0

Including both groups I showed a profit so all was not lost.

I enjoy multiple bets (and so do the bookies). I enjoy them because I am confident of 3 winning out of the 4 which means approx winnings of 20%. Bookies enjoy them because of the amount of losing bets if just one of the bets goes down.

The winnings from group 2 offset the losses of group 1 and I placed higher stakes on group 2 because they were what I call my bankers and was only 1 goal away from all 15 bets coming thru and that was the Tranmere v Preston match.

The secret in betting is to always try to make a profit over a period of time and never chase your losses.

While I have your attention, how about some comments about my predictions and any backing tips for my readers and also your opinion s about our shirts.


4 WAY SHIRTS – these are totally UNIQUE!

We are so proud of our NEW 4-way shirts. Followers of my blogs know that I am a BLACKBURN ROVERS fan and that my family roots belong to CHORLEY.

I have my own PERSONALISED 2 WAY HOME & AWAY shirt of BLACKBURN ROVERS on the outside & when the shirt is turned INSIDE OUT it is a 2 WAY HOME & AWAY shirt of CHORLEY F.C. (Magpies).

Blackburn Home & Away       Blackburn logo Opt  Alternative                   Chorley logo1-1         Chorley Home and Away Shirts

So do you get the concept of 4 shirts in one as shown in the example above? ie:
A HOME & AWAY shirt of one club (Blackburn) and a HOME & AWAY of another club (Chorley). Each team shirt can be turned around and worn to an AWAY MATCH as required!
I wear my Blackburn shirt for Blackburn matches and when I go to watch Chorley, I turn it inside out because the shirts are double-layered which means 2 shirts sewn together which also makes them much warmer, which is a bonus in our very changing climate.

Are any of you Wigan Athletic and Wigan Warriors fans?

We can supply you with both in the same way as the Blackburn/Chorley shirts and all for the price of one shirt.We can do this with any 2 shirts of YOUR choice.

There is also our special customised club LOGO (see our separate page for these) showing the HISTORICAL achievements of your club, or clubs, on the shirt, and if your PROUD club record is not noticed on the front logo, it sure will be on the back!

We at MiTeamShirts have just designed (believe it or not) a  4-way shirt for MANCHESTER UNITED & LEEDS UNITED on the same shirt for 2 guys who are the best of friends but support these two different clubs in different divisions, and they intend wear them at matches.

While you are on our website, http://www.myteamshirts.co.uk  have a look at the club shirts. I think you will be amazed at the choices available to you for the PRICE OF ONE SHIRT.

Our shirts are priced from £25.00 upto £35.00 from our mobile shop and £40.00 online, AND you are getting DOUBLE SHIRTS for the price of one.

The Recommended Retail Price of most adult football shirts varies from £39.99 to £59.99. We have visited several football club stores and noticed that many of them are selling their shirts for around £60.00. Based on those prices our shirts are a giveaway, when you consider how many possible combinations  there are!

As an alternative to a second team on the inside you can have the international shirt of your choice.


Think about this as an alternative to what schools and local clubs are paying for 2 SHIRTS.

Normally, for 15 players, they are paying £600 for HOME SHIRTS and £600 for the AWAY SHIRTS which is £1200.

We can supply HOME & AWAY REVERSIBLE SHIRTS for half the cost.


Don’t delay in placing your orders for Xmas because we have deadlines to keep.

That’s all for now folks, so take care and stay safe.

Old Git Jimbo