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I have recently received these details from my NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH CO-ORDINATOR Nicole in CHORLEY, LANCASHIRE but is nationally widespread.These TECHNO GADGETS will be GLOBAL I am sure.

My Blogs  receive interest at present from (at the last count 47 Countries) and so will be of interest to many people.

Some of my readers have been surprised that I do not sell my INFO as an e-book. That is not what I am about.

The INFO that I supply via my BLOG is FREE (tho you could please click on the THUMBS UP ICON at the end of the blog) and hopefully you will safeguard yourselves by following some of it, so…………




Chorley Buckshaw Park Station - putting the Pa...

Chorley Buckshaw Park Station – putting the Park into Park & Ride (Photo credit: mwmbwls)

This is as I received the advice word for word which I am amazed at and is from a POTENTIAL VICTIM and the POLICE.

“I locked my car with my REMOTE LOCKING DEVICE. As I walked away I heard my car door unlock. I went back and locked my car AGAIN, THREE TIMES!!!

Each time, as soon as I started to walk away, I could hear it UNLOCK AGAIN!!!  Naturally alarmed, I looked around and there were two men sitting in a car next to the store I was about to shop at.

They were obviously watching me, and I have no doubt that they were somehow involved in this weird situation.

I quickly abandoned my errand, jumped into my car and sped away.

I went straight to the Police Station. I told them what had happened and found out that I was part of a NEW and very successful scheme being used to GAIN ENTRY into PARKED cars at supermarkets and Park and Ride rail and bus terminals.

Two weeks later, my friend’s son had a similar experience….While travelling, he stopped at a motorway service area to use the toilet.

When he came out to his car LESS THAN 5 MINUTES LATER, someone had managed to get into his car and he had his mobile phone, laptop computer, sat-nav, briefcase and other belongings stolen. The criminals have the same set up when you PARK and RIDE at railway stations. Below is my local Park and Ride terminal.

Chorley Buckshaw Park Station

Chorley Buckshaw Park Station (Photo credit: mwmbwls)

He called the Police and since there were no signs of a forced entry the Police told him he had probably been a victim of the latest robbery tactic. There is a device that robbers are using now to CLONE your SECURITY CODE when  using your REMOTE LOCKING DEVICE.

The ‘criminals’ sit at at a distance and watch for their NEXT VICTIM. They know you are going inside the store, restaurant or whatever and they know that they have time to STEAL and RUN.

The Police Officer said ‘ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR MANUALLY WITH THE KEY’ when parking in a PUBLIC AREA. That way if there is someone sitting in a car nearby, watching for their NEXT VICTIM, IT will NOT BE YOU.

When you lock up with the key when exiting the vehicle, it DOES NOT SEND THE SECURITY CODE, but if you walk away and USE the REMOTE BUTTON, it SENDS the CODE THROUGH the AIRWAVES where it can be EASILY INTERCEPTED by the DEVICE”.

Shattered glass marks the spot where a parked ...

Shattered glass marks the spot where a parked vehicle was broken into, this type of theft is referred to as “theft without keys”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is VERY REAL so be aware of what you have just read.

Think how many times we all lock our cars with our remote device just to be sure we remembered to lock them-and BINGO, someone has our CODE……and potentially whatever is in our vehicle.

The photo opposite shows shattered glass from a vehicle that was physically broken into. The chances of the criminals being caught is far greater when smashing the car windows. That seems to be why they are choosing more sophisticated methods of gaining entry to ‘our’ vehicles.

PLEASE SHARE this INFORMATION with everyone you know in the hope that we can cut down on car theft crimes and frustrate these CRIMINALS  therefore avoiding the UPSET of having our valued possessions stolen. DO IT NOW.

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Take care

Old Git Jimbo

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