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I believe in speaking my mind, regardless of the people or subject.

I don’t hide behind a mask. That is my Fizzog that you can see on this page, so what you see and also read is what you get, but if you like what you read then I would appreciate you clicking onto the ‘LIKE BUTTON‘. That’s all I ask of you.

Since I became a ‘blogger’ I have been very, very reluctant to speak about my personal life.


This subject is very close to my heart because I resent the FRAUDSTERS with a PASSION. Read on and you will ‘maybe’ understand why.

When you have read my blog check out this website and prepare to be EDUCATED.

I have always been happy to blog about some of my experiences and what I have learned from other people’s experiences and then give an opinion (never advice) so that anyone reading them can decide to take a different path/decision if they choose.

What I am about to tell you is very personal and I SINCERELY hope it is of some help if you are faced with a similar scenario, especially if you have an elderly relative such as an elderly Mother, Grandmother or Aunt. Women are the norm but men have also been suckered in. Check their mail for offerings of cash prizes in return for cash payments and check out their bank statements/cheque-book stubs.

Your situation will perhaps be similar but not exact. Never the less it needs addressing.

I said I am very reluctant to be personal, especially about my mother. I have been and always will be very protective of her. She is a rare jewel. So much so that 2 years ago I had the opportunity of being interviewed at home with Mum by ITV with the intention of being televised nationally concerning SCAM MAIL. The ONLY reason I decided not to go ahead with it was because I did not wish to show ‘my Mum’ up on TV. I did explain to her that if she ‘promised’ to stop sending £££££££’s to the Scammers then I would not go on TV. She broke her promise so now you can read the ghist of the SCAM PROBLEM.

My mother is now 90 yrs old and is reasonably able bodied and I have been her ‘carer’ for a few years. Mum has been diagnosed as suffering from ‘dementia’. She has lost the sense of logic and reasoning. She goes into town to shop and that is not a problem because her long term memory is not affected. She can reminisce from 80 years ago as a young girl in Dublin, Eire.

For the last 20 yrs she has received ‘SCAM MAIL’ from many ‘SCUM MAILERS’. I say that because that is exactly what they are. They have become more prevelant in the last 5 years.

The ‘SCUMMERS’ which I prefer to call them (it is a more polite description than they deserve) categorically state that you have ‘WON’ £20,000 for example but cannot send it to you unless you send them a payment for ‘administration/processing fees’ which is generally between £15 t0 £40 and they send their mail  from all over the world. Some are even posted from Hong Kong but the cheque has to be sent to the Netherlands because they always put a self addressed envelope in with their mail which (by the way) requires a stamp. Is Scam mail illegal in the Netherlands?

In Law if  a service or goods are offered and accepted with a payment, and that service or goods are not provided then surely that is fraud and breach of contract. When I was studying Civil Law at College I was taught that a contract has to consist of an ‘offer and acceptance’.

Therefore the scammers are offering prize money (which is never sent)  and the suckers are sending payment for it. THAT IS FRAUD which is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

Mum must have sent them approximately £20,000 over the years, without receiving a penny in return. Mum does not like me voicing my opinion about them because she classes them as friends, including ‘so called ‘CLAIRVOYANTSAlan Carr, David Phild, Sylvestor Stallones mother and if you remember the 70’s/80’s TV series ‘The Amazing Kreskin‘. They have sent my mother mail offering their predictions under the pretext of asking for sums of money up to £50. They may through this blog threaten to sue me because I have named them. BUT I have the letters (HUNDREDS) to support what I am saying here, so bring it on. Publicity is needed to make people aware of just how HUGE this epidemic is so I will be the ‘guinea pig’.

Parasites can cause disease and plagues. These SCAMMERS/SCUMMERS are PARASITES and LEECHES of the ELDERY and VULNERABLE society. They even have a ‘SUCKERS LIST’ which they sell on to FELLOW SCAMMERS.

Over the years I have intercepted and kept bags full of Mum’s mail from these ‘PARASITES’. I have returned hundreds of letters to these SCAMMERS. Friends have said to me “why don’t you just destroy the mail”? I could do that, but it doesn’t solve the issue.

I have said to Mum, “you are making these people ‘wealthy’ and yourself a ‘pauper'”.

We have recently moved house and things are much better. She does not receive any more SCAM MAIL because it still goes to our last address and the new occupiers will be receiving through their letter box approximately 600 letters per month (we left the address 3months ago) so there are maybe 2000 letters still there.

I fabricated a letter and addressed it to Mum at our present home saying that these scammers had been taken to the ‘International Courts’ and that they had been threatened with imprisonment if they didn’t stop sending ‘fraudulent mail’.

It has made a small difference but she is, I think, having ‘withdrawal symptoms’ from not having any mail!  

I filled a form in for the Post Office asking them to redirect mail to our new address including Mums mail, so that I could again intercept before she got it.

The Post Office told me that I could have my mail redirected, which I have done, but I cannot redirect Mums mail without her written consent.   She also has to be at their office in person so as to prove that I am not forging her signature. Lets face it is she likely to agree to me getting her mail when she looks forward so much to her ‘friends’ contacting her?  I have also been advised to contact a solicitor so as to give me complete control over her money but then where is her dignity if I do that?

The Government are also Political parasites  because the Post Office/Royal Mail makes £millions a year from foreign scam mail. They have at least 3 holding points for returned mail in the UK. Heathrow Ind Est, Hounslow, Middlesex is one, another is Riverside Cargo Park, Colnbrook,Berkshire, another is PO BOX 4025 Slough SL1 0NJ and also the USA PO BOX 12956 KANSAS CITY.

I believe that Australia is coming to terms with it and is actually destroying mail at postal source , before the elderly and vulnerable get the mail and are sucked/suckered in by the lure/enticement/false promises of winning many thousands of ££££’s.

Our Government will not do that because of ‘self interest’ with the ‘Royal Mail’. Does Royal infer to ‘Our Queen’ and the ‘Monarchy?

Is the Monarchy’s name being dragged down into the gutter? Moreover if the answer is yes then is the Queen aware of what is going on?

The Government is earning money from IMMORAL SOURCES via the ROYAL MAIL.

For many years the Government has refused to legalise PROSTITUTION because they say that they would be receiving income generated from an IMMORAL SOURCE.

Isn’t that exactly what they are doing with the Scammers and their FRAUDULENT IMMORAL BEHAVIOUR?

If one of the Queens Commonwealth Countries ie; Australia is prepared to stamp  these fraudsters out then why can’t our Government follow suit? Self interest again.

If your opinion is that what I have said is hearsay or just my ‘opinion then check this website out below and it will ‘OPEN YOUR EYES’.

Marilyn is the lady who set this website up several years ago because her mother was obsessed/engulfed similarly to my mother, but worse.

They are addicted similarly to gamblers and alcoholics

PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT visit the website 

That’s it till the next time.

You can always say hello and like my blog (if you do).

Take care and be kind to each other

‘Old Git Jimbo’



Hi Guys.

Welcome to ‘Old Git‘ Jimbo’s blog @ my personal e-mail is .

The websites are and

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I believe in speaking my mind, regardless of the people or subject.

I don’t hide behind a mask. That is my Fizzog that you can see, so what you see and also read is what you get.

I believe in being contentious because it’s likely to invite a reaction/response.

Rarely do the guilty parties respond. Although when you think about it, their lack of response is sometimes considered as an admission of fault/guilt.


A few days ago my mobile phone was stolen. I reported it to the police. They said they could do nothing about it, but would inform me if it was handed in.

I have a problem with why we can’t get our mobile phones returned.

Motorola V66 mobile phone

Motorola V66 mobile phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If rogue reporters can HACK into our phones, then surely the police can MAP the LOCATION of our phones.



The Police have a duty to the citizens of the UK.

The mobile companies sell/rent the phones to us.

The Insurance Companies receive/accept our money to cover the loss of our mobile phones.


The mobile phone business is a MULTI-BILLION pound industry.

I think it’s time that all 3 groups get their heads together and resolve how they can help to return the phones to us.

The Police will say that they have better things to do than tracking a mobile phone.

The Mobile Companies will be wringing their hands with GLEE because it means a HIGHER TURNOVER of phones being purchased/rented.

Presumably the Insurance Companies will gain the most, because they will receive more £££’s from us for  insuring our phones because to own/lease a phone is less than our insurance costs.


Anyone who has lost or had their mobile phone stolen knows just how demoralising and incovenient it is.

All our contacts have gone. Our pictures of family, friends and special occasions have gone, and in some cases VERY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

I was fortunate that after I contacted my Virgin Media 

Image representing Virgin Media as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

provider to inform them of my loss I checked my account online and was relieved to find that there hadn’t been any calls made, except for a couple of blank texts’ sent to a friend who happened to be in Tenerife. I saw the transactions online and called him. That is when he told that he had received 2 blank text’s from my mobile phone. It’s a pity the thief/thieves didn’t make a call to one of his/their  friends instead because then I would have had a chance, through the police of tracking him/them down.

If I had been a suspected criminal or terrorist, I’m sure the police would have known of my whereabouts and noticed after a few days that I wasn’t following the usual pattern of activity.

I can just see the scenario of a criminal or terrorists’ phone falling into the hands of a small time mobile phone thief/thieves and the armed Police SWAT squad raiding his/their home at the crack of dawn while still believing him/them to be the terrorist they had been tracking.

He/they would probably be screaming, “IT WASN’T ME GUV“!!!

That would be great because, to you thieve’s  ‘WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND’.

That would be ‘POETIC JUSTICE’.

While on the subject of mobile phones, I am moving house in a weeks time, and my provider is Virgin Media.

The company that Sir Richard Branson bought is a company that has changed ownership and  ‘brand names’ over the years. I have been  loyal to the same company  that he bought for 18 yrs.

I have the full package with Virgin Media which consists of, Broadband, full TV package, landline phone and 2 mobile phones which all cost about £110 per month.

I checked my post code to see if I could have my set up changed/moved to my new address. Unfortunately Virgin Media is not street cabled where I am moving to.

There are about 40 semi-detached and detached properties where I am moving to, and they are all business people who spend a considerable amount of money on similar systems that I have, but not with Virgin Media. I know because I have a few friends who live in the same close.

I recently watched the Parliament channel and the politicians were debating the future access of Broadband etc., into Rural areas. I live in the Town of Chorley and can’t get cable. Chorley has cable, but not where I am moving to.

I am having to arrange for BT to give me the same package that I have had with Virgin Media.

I wonder if Sir Richard is aware of neglected Urban areas that are not street cabled but that BT are.

All they do is run the cables along side BT’s so what’s holding them back? Is it the fact that his staff haven’t the foresight that he has?

I know that Sir Richard has read my blogs so hopefully he’ll read this one and realise that there must be many, many more areas that he doesn’t have cabled.  Having said all that  I sincerely think he is the right man to run the NATIONAL LOTTERY FRANCHISE.  

That’s it for now, so until the next blog, take care and stay healthy.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo



Hi Guys.

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Yeah I’ve really got my own dot com addy, can’t believe my luck.

My personal e-mail addy is , and ladies, I love your e-mails but please don’t get so personal. Behave yourselves. I’m an ‘Old Git’.

Okay let’s get down to business and do some plain speaking which I do quite often. If you can’t then I can and will for you.

Those of us with websites hope to make money. That’s usually the norm’  but not always. Some want to send out a message to people less fortunate than ourselves. Some websites want to combine both together.

At we also want to combine business with caring for others.

You have the contact details now to be able to get in touch, to ask for advice or just to give your opinions. I have large ears so please get in touch PLEASE.

Websites are

We people with websites are in a unique position to help each other by just clicking onto a LIKE BUTTON. If you are just visiting a website or reading a blog from curiosity or for info’ PLEASE BE COURTEOUS and leave a comment whether it’s good or bad.

I leave comments on a regular basis and ALSO TRY to leave a FAVOURABLE remark. We all love compliments, and I am no exception.

I’m gonna’ question your motives now.

Which part of my HEADING  led you here? Was it the SEX INNUENDO, or POLITICS and BUSINESS?

I’m going to cover both briefly, after all you don’t want to be brow beaten.


I am not a  politician, although it has been said that I should be, but then what do I know?

I speak my mind and I so wish that politicians would do the same, and not ‘toe the party line’ or the WHIPS. (The sex comes later).

It seems to me and friends I talk to that the ‘majority’ of politicians just offer ‘RHETORIC/WORDS’ and are paid approx. £70,000 per year for not doing very much except showing themselves up, like kids in the playground, particularly the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition at Prime Minister’s question time each Wednesday at 12:00 noon.

Why is it called question time? Questions deserve answers. Have you ever heard them answer with’an ‘answer’?

I watch regularly the ‘Daily Politics‘ on BBC TV and even Andrew Neill (the best) and Jo Coburn (2nd best, sorry girl) can’t get answers from them when they’re on the show. A great show by the way. ( Give me the £10 later Andrew).

There are too many high profile people in POLITICS and BUSINESS whose prime concern is to make EXHORBITANT amounts of money regardless of who is on the receiving end.

Ok, low interest rates are the worst this generation has encountered and the business ‘ELITE’ do create wealth, which in turn creates jobs, but sometimes it’s just for pure greed.

They are already MILLIONAIRES. How could you or I spend a million sensibly?

My only exception is Sir Richard Branson who wants to run the National Lottery for nil profit, and pass on the ‘PROFITS‘ to CHARITIES’.

Why has he been passed by?

Read a previous blog of mine on that matter. I’m too big to be a terrier but I am like a dog with a bone. The trouble is, although Sir Richard has read my blog on the subject, he has yet to reply and say “leave it alone Jimbo”.


I’m not going to discuss sex but, will show you examples of some SCREEN PRINTED SHIRTS that we at MiTeamShirt have been asked to supply.

Don’t judge us by the shirts you see.

I’ve spared you certain one’s such as sexual positions.

Some are risque, but we are grown ups so make your own mind up and give me some FEEDBACK. PREFERABLY give me SOME ORDERS.

Take care and stay healthy

Old Git Jimbo


Give me some comments/Questions

Would you buy a shirt off this 'Old Git?

Hi Guys

Obviously you’re on my blog @ .Our website addresses are  or . Our e-mail address is would like to know wether you enjoy reading a particular blog or not.The best way you can tell me is by replying and making your comment.I will try to make it easier for you.In the next few lines below you will see some text that you can just COPY and PASTE  and put into your REPLY/COMMENT.

Hi Jimbo, I’ts (YOUR NAME) here and I agree/don’t agree with some some of your comments. This is my opinion etc, etc. (YOUR COMMENT).That’s all you have to do. Just delete the words that aren’t relevant in your view

I am so looking forward to meeting Sir Richard Branson at the O2 Arena in London this Sunday 18th March.

For the last 18 years I have used the same phone and media company that he now owns. I’ve stayed with the same company, although the actual “brand” name has changed several times from its inception of Cable North West and then Tele-West. I am a very loyal person to people, or services whom I trust or am subscribed to and am satisfied with – hence 18 years with the same company!

Sir Richard would not buy a “white elephant”! He has bought the company, now re-named “Virgin Media”, that I have dealt with for so long, because he has seen the potential for making profits from it. So he believes in the same company as I do, but for different reasons – money, and service! My reasons are mainly for good service and reasonable and competetive pricing. Virgin Media have an excellent customer sevices staff, albeit that they are not all based in the UK, which I might add to Sir Richard is my only bone of contention.

Sir Richard’s name, I think, is synonymous with fair play. He was voted the best boss to work for, from his workforce. Why did he not succeed in his bid to run  the National Lottery? Was it skullduggery, backhanders or even favours to some politicians from the people connected with Camelot? I mean let’s say it as it is, some high up people, be it in high finance or politics and, putting it bluntly  (BUT) politely, all ‘P’ in the same pot, or to be PC correct, they all sing from the same hymn sheet. I shouldn’t ruffle their feathers’ too much tho, because they are quite a sensitive bunch.

All Sir Richard wanted to do was run the National Lottery as a charitable organisation, not for personal profit but for the charities. He wasn’t successful in his bid – WHY???

Just think what the extra income could’ve done for the charities over the last 18 years, instead of a high percentage of the profits lining the pockets of the fat-cats of Camelot!

The general public have had enough of that recently from the ‘BANKERS’ and yes I have spelt that word correctly!!!

Let’s “kick-off” and voice our opinions. The ‘power of the people’. Log-on to my blog and REPLY with your opinion, it only needs a few well intended words from you. Let’s get some action going and fight the “fat–cats” and their undeserved profits, bearing in mind of course, that, on more  than one occasion since 1994,  it WAS the British Government that awarded the contract to Camelot.


As you well know by now I class myself as an ‘Old Git’. Well in my next few lines, I’m also an ‘Old cheeky Git’.

As a special offer to YOU Sir Richard, you can even have a “MyTeamShirts” football shirt of your favourite team including the “Virgin” brand of your choice, for example,  “Virgin Media”,  Virgin Money” or  “Virgin Atlantic”, for your personal use, for FREE!!!

How’s that for an offer, Sir Richard?

Anyway that’s another blog of gripe, (who said tripe’?) whinge and  info for you once again from this ‘Old Git’ Jimbo,so til the next time, you take care.


Give me some comments/Questions

Would you buy a shirt off this 'Old Git?

Hi Guys

Obviously you’re on my blog @ .Our website addresses are  or . Our e-mail address is would like to know wether you enjoy reading a particular blog or not.The best way you can tell me is by replying and making your comment.I will try to make it easier for you.In the next few lines below you will see some text that you can just COPY and PASTE  and put into your REPLY/COMMENT.

Hi Jimbo, I’ts (YOUR NAME) here and I agree/don’t agree with some some of your comments. This is my opinion etc, etc. (YOUR COMMENT).That’s all you have to do. Just delete the words that aren’t relevant in your view

This weekend MyTeamShirts are attending the Business 2012 exhibition at the O2 Arena in London. It’s a three day event and we are looking forward to the possibility of meeting, and speaking with, Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar, for whom I have the greatest admiration. (Is A.S. a politician….or just a Lord)???

Lord Alan Sugar is a self-made man. The only thing I have in common with Sir Alan is that I have used his products. He was the mastermind behind Amstrad in the 1980’s. The name was based on his business which at the time was A.M.S. Trading.

I purchased my first dedicated word processor/computer (AMSTRAD WPC256k) in 1987 when I was studying for my HND in Business Management. 256k memory held approx a yellow pages book. How times and technology have moved on since then. I still have that same computer and the software(3 1/2″ floppy discs) at home at the bottom of my wardrobe in full working order including the dot matrix printer.

In those days I would have been totally lost without my new PC.

In my opinion, Sir Alan was definitely an innovator and pathfinder and even had his own Amstrad PC monthly magazine published which I bought religiously. Having voiced my praise, I don’t personally go for all of this “Lordship” stuff tho.

Whatever happened to Amstrad????  Apart from “The Apprentice”, from which I am sure I would’ve heard the words “Your fired!”, I haven’t seen much of him on TV, although co-incidentally, he is actually on the cover of next week’s  BBC Radio Times 17th -24th March!

In my opinion, the British Government are picking his brains and his business acumen – I thought the Government had enough competent people to do that!

What a massive compliment to Sir Alan but, deservedly so!!!

Anyway that’s my blog and info to you for now, so from this ‘Old Git’ Jimbo, untill my next blog, take care.

Parliament Channel and Prime Ministers question time

Give me some comments/Questions

Would you buy a shirt off this 'Old Git?


Obviously you’re on my blog @ .Our website addresses are  or . Our e-mail address is

I would like to know wether you enjoy reading a particular blog or not.

The best way you can tell me is by replying and making your comment.

I will try to make it easier for you.

In the next few lines below you will see some text that you can just COPY and PASTE  and put into your REPLY/COMMENT.

Hi Jimbo, I’ts (YOUR NAME) here and I agree/don’t agree with some some of your comments. This is my opinion etc, etc. (YOUR COMMENT).

That’s all you have to do. Just delete the words that aren’t relevant in your view.

Hi Guys

I watched The Daily Politics on BBC TV today. It included Prime Ministers question time. I am presently watching the ‘Parliament’  channel.  If I were a politician I would be disgusted at the manner in which they conduct themselves. Children in the playground are far better behaved. It’s more like a ‘political playground’. There is far too much time wasted in ‘backbiting’ and referring to ‘the past’ ie; ” you did this and you did that, we did this this and we did that!”.

In a past blog I referred to footballers kicking a bag of wind around, well the politicians are similar in the fact that they are the bags of wind and it’s a pity we can’t put them on the football pitch and let the footballers kick all the wind and ‘hot air’ out of them (literally speaking) of course.

When are they going to answer a question with an answer?

I think they are a laughing stock who are a’ sarcastic and hipocritical’  body of people who are supposed to represent us the electorate.

They are debating  today on the Publication of the NHS Risk Register,  which will be voted on tonight at 7pm.

How can two bodies of people, over 640 be at such loggerheads and opposite opinions over such National importance.

I lost faith in politicians some time ago and it has been reinforced today.

All they give us is rhetoric. Why not say it as it is? When mistakes are made stand up and admit it and I for one will pay them more respect.

That’s it for now. I got my winge in again thanks to the politicians and is a subject I don’t normally voice an opinion on, but after todays’ disgraceful ‘fiasco’  I decided that I had to voice my absolute disgust.

Take care til next time

‘Old Git’  Jimbo

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