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Hi there.

In my last blog I said I would be offering you some football tips.

Well if it’s just tips you want then go to the bottom of this page.

If you want the tips but are prepared to read further to  see what you can save by buying your team shirt @ then read on.


4 WAY SHIRTS – these are totally UNIQUE!

We are so proud of our NEW 4-way shirts. Followers of my blogs know that I am a BLACKBURN ROVERS fan and that my family roots belong to CHORLEY.

I have my own PERSONALISED 2 WAY HOME & AWAY shirt of BLACKBURN ROVERS on the outside & when the shirt is turned INSIDE OUT it is a 2 WAY HOME & AWAY shirt of CHORLEY F.C. (Magpies).

So do you get the concept of 4 shirts in one as shown in the example above? ie:
A HOME & AWAY shirt of one club (Blackburn) and a HOME & AWAY of another club (Chorley). Each team shirt can be turned around and worn to an AWAY MATCH as required!
I wear my Blackburn shirt for Blackburn matches and when I go to watch Chorley, I turn it inside out.

Are any of you Wigan Athletic and Wigan Warriors fans?

These mugs are an addition to our ever expanding product range. We can put your name on them if you want it on.

The one displayed of Wigan Warriors Rugby League Team is just an example.

We can supply you with both shirts in the same way as the Blackburn/Chorley shirts and all for the price of one shirt.

There is also our special customised club LOGO (see our separate page for these) showing the HISTORICAL achievements of your club, or clubs, on the shirt, and if your PROUD club record is not noticed on the front logo, it sure will be on the back!

We at MiTeamShirts have just designed (believe it or not) a 4-way shirt for MANCHESTER UNITED & LEEDS UNITED on the same shirt for 2 guys who are the best of friends but support these two different clubs in different divisions, and they are going to wear them at matches, and they really are a one off.

While you are on our website,  have a look at the club shirts. I think you will be amazed at the choices available to you for the PRICE OF ONE SHIRT.

Our shirts are priced from £25.00 upto £35.00 from our mobile shop and £40.00 online, AND you are getting DOUBLE SHIRTS for the price of one.

The Recommended Retail Price of most adult football shirts varies from £39.99 to £59.99. We have visited several football club stores and noticed that many of them are selling their shirts for around £60.00. Based on those prices our shirts are a giveaway, when you consider how many possible combinations  there are!

As an alternative to a second team on the inside you can have the international shirt of your choice.


Think about this as an alternative to what schools and local clubs are paying for 2 SHIRTS.

Normally, for 15 players, they are paying £600 for HOME SHIRTS and £600 for the AWAY SHIRTS which is £1200.

We can supply HOME & AWAY REVERSIBLE SHIRTS for half the cost.


Don’t delay in placing your orders for Xmas because we have deadlines to keep.


For those of you who may be interested, one of my favourite pastimes is football betting, and so far this season I have had a very high  success rate.

Here are my football tips for Saturday 10 NOV  that I have already placed bets on.

Bear in mind that I don’t accept any responsibility if you lose any money.

Don’t bet, if you’re not sure, so  check them out first.

You can choose to follow the matches without placing a bet, just to see if my suggested forecasts are profitable.

Here they are below.

This group bet is of 3 matches.

Aston Villa v Man Utd       at goals over 2.5 in The Premiership

Blackpool v Bolton              at goals over 2.5 in The Championship

Plymouth v Gillingham  at goals over 1.5 in League Division 2

The  group of 3 consists of 7 bets which is called a Patent.

3 single bets @ £2.00 x 3 = £6.00

3 doubles       @ £1.00 x 2 = £3.00

1 treble              @ £1.00        = £1.00

Stake                                               = £10.00

Equals 7 bets

If you want to test the bet you can stake 7 x 50p = £7.50 or follow my £10 suggestion above.

My stakes are considerably higher than £10, but that is because of the confidence that I have in my SYSTEM.

You can multiply by 7  just what stakes you choose.

I forecast that the total goals in 2 of these matches will be over 2.5. Which means that if any match finishes at least 2:1, 3:0, 1:2 or 0:3 then that match is a good result. I’m not sure of the Plymouth match so I have taken smaller odds for over 1.5 goals. If all 3 are over 3 goals then that is ok.

If one result loses  then you will still show a small profit from the other 2.

The secret in betting is to always try to make a profit over a period of time and never chase your losses.

You can test drive my forecasts just by checking the final results without placing a bet.

Good Luck for Saturdays results.

That’s all for now folks, so take care and stay safe.

Old Git Jimbo




Hi guys it’s your friendly ‘old git’ Jimbo again.

It’s really great to be able do my blog while watching the Aussie Tennis Open and to use an old phrase, while burning the midnight oil, because this 8th January I was (like an old horse) put out to pasture and officially RETIRED so you are most welcome to reply to me and say ‘hey you old git’ I don’t agree with you.

As an official ‘old git’ who loves watching most sports I do get some facts/spellings wrong so if you spot them you can NOW call me a ‘THICK OLD GIT ‘.

Having said all that I do wish you all longevity and hope you all live to enjoy your retirement.

Enough said on that score and forgive the sports pun.

It used to be said that there was a North/South divide politically. Well in the Premiership there is a good and sadly a North/North divide at the moment what with both Man City and Man Utd in the top 2 places and

Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic in the bottom 4 places.

I watched Spurs v Man City on yet another Super Sunday and if Defoe had known how to put in an old fashioned sliding tackle he would have met the ball perfectly and scored.

Also how did Van Persil whiter than white miss such a sitter and then score a Terry Henry style cracker for Arsenal?

When is shorty whinger Bellamy gonna grow up and stop trying to punch his weight? If his brains were made from gunpowder he wouldn’t have enough to blow his ears off even if he did previously play for Blackburn until he continued on his gold club contract digging.

He must have had as many clubs as Jack Nicklaus.

When Blackburn Rovers won their only premiership title 1994/95 they had the SAS ie; Shearer and Sutton. I  saw the Fulham v Newcastle match and they have a similar duo (tho not as good) in DAD ie; Duffy and Duffrey? Pity Duffers had to leave Blackburn and sign for Chelsea tho he didn’t want to leave.  I’d have him back any day.

How many players can you think of who have been more successful at their new club?

What’s Torres doing at Chelsea or Carrol at Liverpool? It seems to me that they both spend too much time playing a wingers roll and not on the end of their own crosses.

In my last blog I mentioned Balotellis back heel kick on Scott Parker which by all accounts the ref didn’t see. When are we going to bring in DRS which is used very successfully in cricket?  Well at least in the Wolves v  Aston Villa match the ref saw an almost identical kicking offence by Carl Henry and showed him the red card.

I await the aftermatch video verdict resulting in a suspension of 3 matches for Balotelli. If he had half a brain he’d be dangerous.

As a Lancashire guy I hope the bottom positions change in our favour by the seasons end so that there will be the usual North West local derby matches. Am I biased? You bet I am.

Finally for now,here’s a couple of thoughts 4 you. Whatever happened to man for man marking instead of zonal and if there was a 10 minute SIN BIN (as in rugby) instead of a yellow card during the first 30 minutes of a match  do you think the refs would react differently if the sin bin was available as an alternative because it could ease their worries at possibly changing the outcome of a match by giving a yellow card early doors and with a second yellow an early bath?

Please send a reply and give me your feedback. Maybe if we all speak with ONE VOICE we could help to make some good changes.

That’s my lot 4 now.

Jimbo ‘the old git’

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