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Hi there.

In my last blog I said I would be offering you some football tips.

Well here are the results.

Remember that I predicted 2.5 (3) goals would be scored in  these 8 matches.

Each  group of 4 consisted of 15 bets Which are called Lucky 15.

This is how the bets came out from the 1st group.

2 correct and 2 wrong

4 single bets / 2 correct

6 doubles / 1 correct 

4 trebles 0

1  4 timer 0

Equals 15 bets. 3 up and 12 down

4 single bets / 2 correct

6 doubles / 1 correct

4 trebles 0

1  4 timer 0

Arsenal v Q.P.R. (Premiership) 1:0

Rochdale v Fleetwood (Div Two) 0:0

Bristol City v Hull City (Championship) 2:1

Brentford Town v Hartlepool (Div One) 2:2

The 2nd group of 4 had more success and would have made a 20% profit.

Equals 15 bets. 7 up and 8 down

Everton v Liverpool (Premiership) 2:2

Tranmere v Preston (Div One) 1:1

Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur (Premiership) 1:3

Cardiff v Burnley (Championship) 4:1

4 single bets / 3 correct

6 doubles / 3 correct

4 trebles 1 correct

1  4 timer 0

Including both groups I showed a profit so all was not lost.

I enjoy multiple bets (and so do the bookies). I enjoy them because I am confident of 3 winning out of the 4 which means approx winnings of 20%. Bookies enjoy them because of the amount of losing bets if just one of the bets goes down.

The winnings from group 2 offset the losses of group 1 and I placed higher stakes on group 2 because they were what I call my bankers and was only 1 goal away from all 15 bets coming thru and that was the Tranmere v Preston match.

The secret in betting is to always try to make a profit over a period of time and never chase your losses.

While I have your attention, how about some comments about my predictions and any backing tips for my readers and also your opinion s about our shirts.


4 WAY SHIRTS – these are totally UNIQUE!

We are so proud of our NEW 4-way shirts. Followers of my blogs know that I am a BLACKBURN ROVERS fan and that my family roots belong to CHORLEY.

I have my own PERSONALISED 2 WAY HOME & AWAY shirt of BLACKBURN ROVERS on the outside & when the shirt is turned INSIDE OUT it is a 2 WAY HOME & AWAY shirt of CHORLEY F.C. (Magpies).

Blackburn Home & Away       Blackburn logo Opt  Alternative                   Chorley logo1-1         Chorley Home and Away Shirts

So do you get the concept of 4 shirts in one as shown in the example above? ie:
A HOME & AWAY shirt of one club (Blackburn) and a HOME & AWAY of another club (Chorley). Each team shirt can be turned around and worn to an AWAY MATCH as required!
I wear my Blackburn shirt for Blackburn matches and when I go to watch Chorley, I turn it inside out because the shirts are double-layered which means 2 shirts sewn together which also makes them much warmer, which is a bonus in our very changing climate.

Are any of you Wigan Athletic and Wigan Warriors fans?

We can supply you with both in the same way as the Blackburn/Chorley shirts and all for the price of one shirt.We can do this with any 2 shirts of YOUR choice.

There is also our special customised club LOGO (see our separate page for these) showing the HISTORICAL achievements of your club, or clubs, on the shirt, and if your PROUD club record is not noticed on the front logo, it sure will be on the back!

We at MiTeamShirts have just designed (believe it or not) a  4-way shirt for MANCHESTER UNITED & LEEDS UNITED on the same shirt for 2 guys who are the best of friends but support these two different clubs in different divisions, and they intend wear them at matches.

While you are on our website,  have a look at the club shirts. I think you will be amazed at the choices available to you for the PRICE OF ONE SHIRT.

Our shirts are priced from £25.00 upto £35.00 from our mobile shop and £40.00 online, AND you are getting DOUBLE SHIRTS for the price of one.

The Recommended Retail Price of most adult football shirts varies from £39.99 to £59.99. We have visited several football club stores and noticed that many of them are selling their shirts for around £60.00. Based on those prices our shirts are a giveaway, when you consider how many possible combinations  there are!

As an alternative to a second team on the inside you can have the international shirt of your choice.


Think about this as an alternative to what schools and local clubs are paying for 2 SHIRTS.

Normally, for 15 players, they are paying £600 for HOME SHIRTS and £600 for the AWAY SHIRTS which is £1200.

We can supply HOME & AWAY REVERSIBLE SHIRTS for half the cost.


Don’t delay in placing your orders for Xmas because we have deadlines to keep.

That’s all for now folks, so take care and stay safe.

Old Git Jimbo





Hi Guys and welcome to my blog @ and websites also

I hope you don’t just come to read the rantings and winges of this old git, cos’ our website DOES HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER.

I want to congratulate FLEETWOOD TOWN on their promotion to the FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

Without going into their complete football history (tho historical it has been) they have been Reincarnated (so to speak) 3 times. What a successfull roller coaster the club and ‘fans’ must have been on, and hopefully may the roller coaster continue in an upward direction, so below is some info’ on them.

They really have had a meteoric journey of success.

They must have an excellent management and backup team as well as a great football team, because their’s is not an overnight success story. It’s down to momentum and doing things right throughout the club at all levels.



Fleetwood Town Football Club is an English football club based in Fleetwood, Lancashire, on the North West coast of England and played their matches in the Conference National, the fifth tier of English football; they will now play in League Two of the Football League in 2012-13.

It is the first time in the club’s history that it has played in the Football League. They were re-incarnated in 1997 as Fleetwood Town F.C. They were first formed in 1908. Their home strip is red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts. Their home ground is Highbury Stadium in Fleetwood.


 RUNNERS UP (and play-off winners) – 2009–10

The Conference North also known as Blue Square Bet North for sponsorship reasons, is a division of the Football Conference in England, taking its place immediately below the Conference National. Along with Conference South it is at Step 2 of the National League System and the sixth overall tier of the English football league system. It consists of teams located in northern England, the English Midlands and North Wales.



The Premier Division is the top division of the Northern Premier League. It is at Step 3 (or level 7) of the National League System, placing it six divisions below the Premier League. For sponsorship reasons, it is often referred to as the Evo-Stik League Premier Division.

The league was founded in 1968, as the northern equivalent of the Southern League, being the highest level non-League division below The Football League. In 1979, upon the creation of the Alliance Premier League, it became a feeder league and fell down one ‘level’ in the English football league system. Since then, its prestige has fallen further: there are now two levels between it and the Football League.

The division is at the same level as the Premier Divisions of the Southern League and the Isthmian League. At the end of each season two clubs are promoted to the Conference North: the league champions, and the winners of a play-off competition held between the 2nd through 5th placed clubs. The four lowest placed teams are relegated to the Northern Premier League Division One North or Northern Premier League Division One South, to be replaced by four promoted teams.

In my next blog I will include CHESTER CITY and CHORLEY MAGPIES.

Chester City have just won promotion to the division that Fleetwood have just won, and Chorley (the Town of my birth) are just about hanging on in the ‘play offs’ and look like they may be playing Bradford Park Avenue in one of the Semi-finals.

That’s my blog this time round so, as usual, take care and stay healthy.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo

Conference North was introduced in 2004 as part of a major restructuring of English non-League football. The champions are automatically promoted to Conference National. A second promotion place goes to the winners of play-offs involving the teams finishing in second to fifth place. The winners of the play-offs are also promoted to Conference National. The three bottom clubs are relegated to Step 3 leagues. Teams from this division, as well as from the Conference South, enter the FA Cup at the Second Qualifying Round. On the last day of the 2010–11 season, Eastwood Town set a new record of 19 games unbeaten in the league, passing Southport and Solihull Moors previous joint record of 18 games.[1]

From 2007–08, and for the next three years, it has been known officially as the Blue Square Bet North.

On April 10th 2012, Chester FC were crowned champions of the Evo-Stik Northern Premier Division and have gained promotion to the Conference North for the 2012-2013 season.

APOCALYPSE: The Second World War

Give me some comments/Questions

Would you buy a shirt off this 'Old Git?

Hi Guys

‘Old Git’ Jimbo here again @ also @

I’m sounding like a radio D J more and more.

Before I get into my wingeing blog, I’d appreciate your opinion on myteamshirts , latest design, so here it is for you to click on to get a detailed closeup view.


We can produce any of the 16 International teams home and away 2-in-1 shirts.

I’ve just watched 6 episodes of Apocalypse: World War II back to back on my Virgin TV setup.

There were 50,000,000 people killed because of one Maniac ie; Adolf Hitler during World War II.

I also saw which I was not aware of before that dogs also played a major part in the war.

Did you know that the Russians starved their dogs then placed food underneath vehicles and trained them to get it? After their training they then had bombs strapped onto both sides of the dogs body just like pack mules but also with a remote controlled detonator.

When a German tank came into view they would release the dog which would then go under the tank searching for it’s next meal and SADLY and UNKNOWINGLY it would be blown up along with the tank and the film actually showed it happening.

Without being FLIPPANT or UNFEELING I wonder if the term ‘It’s a DOGS LIFE’ or ‘DOGS OF WAR’ comes from this episode from World War II?

Still on  The Second World War theme, there were several Aircraft Carriers sunk and it reminded me of the time approx 12 years ago while I was a carer for my Dad, who has since passed away. I used to take him to a pub in Chorley called ‘The George’. It was a pub where many of the war veterans used to meet during the day and ‘chew the fat’. They were always taking the ‘P’ out of each other in a friendly way.

My Dad was in the Royal Navy and one of his’ duties’ was in the ‘crow’s nest’ up high on a Carrier with high powered binoculars looking out to sea for German Submarine periscopes.

Dad always said to the guys in the pub that he had excellent eyesight, so one day while ‘chewin the fat’ Dad let it slip that he had been torpedoed twice during the war but was still alive. So one old soldier got the pub in an uproar when he said ‘FEKKIN  HELL JIMMY your eyes weren’t that fekkin good were they?’

Sadly those days have gone and I personally miss them.

Please feel free to send me your stories, they’ll be most welcome.

Before I go I hope you have noticed me ‘POSING’ on our website in the ‘GOONERS’   home and away team shirt. They’re not quite ready for you yet but soon will be along with all the other teams. So this ‘Old Git’  will be posing again quite soon.

Just keeping you up todate.

Once again it’s another blog done from this ‘Old Git’.

Take care



Up And Running!


Blackburn Rovers 3-in-1 Shirt

Been watching this weekend’s football matches and once again the referee’s are causing controversy with dubious decisions. Is it time for DRS (decision referral system) to be introduced?

Would Everton have drawn with Blackburn if DRS was in place because of the handball incident leading up to Everton’s goal?

The Mancunians rule over London this weekend, the matches once again embroiled with controversy. Should Balotelli have been sent off for his kicking of Scott Parker? If he had not been on the pitch he would not have got the penalty from which he scored, so would it have been 2-2 instead of 3-2 for City?

As for United, no-one could expect them to repeat their early season 8-2 drubbing of Arsenal, but they still came away with 3 points and are still hanging onto City’s coat-tails.

Back in our business world the waiting is over! Finally, our protected design is now in the Public Domain under Registration Number 4022450 as certificated by the Intellectual Property Office.

The idea for Miteamshirts originally came to me when I bought an England inside-out football shirt, a good few years ago, from a sports shop in Preston, Lancs, and also from the diagonal stripe across the front of one of the Dutch club’s shirts. Does anyone remember which club this is because I’m having a senior moment?

However, here at Miteamshirts, we decided to go one step further and make ours a three-in-one shirt.

By visiting our website at or you can now view all 20 of our unique customised Premier League inspired fashion t-shirts/football shirts. And we’re not limited just to the Premier League. You can request us to manufacture ANY team shirt. Whether it be football, any league, corporate or local school strips, we can supply these for you. ALL SPORTS are available, from Archery to Volleyball, Basketball to Tennis, Cricket to Squash – CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!!! Bob the Builder ain’t got nothing on us!

Due to copyright restrictions we can’t put the official club names or badges on our site so we have listed them under the team nicknames. BUT we CAN mention them here in this blog! So, for those of you who are interested in purchasing or even just viewing our shirts, the teams currently available, but by no means limited to, are: Arsenal (Gunners/Gooners), Aston Villa (Villans), Blackburn Rovers (Rovers), Bolton Wanderers (Trotters), Chelsea (Pensioners), Everton (Toffees), Fulham (Cottagers), Liverpool (Reds), Manchester City (Blues), Manchester United (Red Devils), Newcastle United ((Magpies), Norwich City (Canaries), Queens Park Rangers (Superhoops/Hoops), Stoke City (Potters), Sunderland (Black Cats), Swansea City (Swans), Tottenham Hotspurs (Spurs/Lilywhites), West Bromwich Albion (Baggies/Throstles), Wigan Athletic (Latics) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves/Dogs).

Let us know what you think of them because your feedback, good or bad, is very valuable to us. We will be very responsive to your feedback because we want to give you the Myteamshirts that you would like to be seen wearing. For example, is the price right? Do you like the design? Would you wear it? Would you play in it???

Please be aware that these shirts are NOT meant to be copies, because we do not believe in counterfeit goods, but they are influenced by the team strips from the Premier League. How close does your Miteamshirt have to be to the your existing club shirt? Please bear in mind that our shirts at Miteamshirts are actually designed as three shirts in one with a Home Strip, Away Strip and an International shirt (of your choice if required) on the inside.

When you decide to purchase one of our football shirts you will have your own individual team shirt that fans of your club and other clubs are still going to recognise. Your team colours will stand out from the crowd and be instantly recogniseable. You wont find any team badges or sponsors logos on our football shirts, due to the minefield which is the copyright and trademarks arena, UNLESS, of course, you personally commission us to supply you with them for your own personal use. Anyhow, we think that our shirts look great without all the paraphernalia and still would be instantly recognisable to any dedicated football fan!

Miteamshirts are not intended to be replacements to the official club shirts, but an alternative, that offers extremely good value for money considering the difficult financial times we are all in. It’s not a question of loyalties, but what will be instantly noticeable is a complete variation from the original shirt designs and you can be one of the first to own one of these amazing three-in-one team shirts.

Would you like a shirt in your team colours for FREE? Get together with some of your mates. Order 10 Myteamshirts and get one of them for FREE! (Details to follow or email us at for information).

You guys must be savvy and that’s why Miteamshirts will appeal to you – are our shirts a bargain – or WOT? Dribble over to our website NOW at  and take a look for yourselves.

Don’t forget to check back here regularly for more updates and information as we process all the feedback you send us.

Hello and welcome to Mi Team Shirts!

Welcome to

Our mission statement is as follows:-

“We are committed to enabling sports-minded fans to create their own unique team wear or personalised football shirts and also save money with our innovative and stylish two / three in one designs”.

“Mi Team Shirts” are a unique concept. We have created our team shirt designs for you the fans as an alternative to your “official” club shirt. Our designs are inspired by the Premier League and other football / sports clubs. They are NOT replicas – they are our original designs.

Why has no-one else created these custom-made shirts before?

Now, thanks to “Mi Team Shirts” you can have the team shirts of your choice i.e. Home / Away. Also, as an added bonus, simply turn it inside out and, if you chose this option, you could have ANOTHER shirt, for example, your favourite international shirt!

Why pay £40 or more for ONE shirt when for a comparable price you can have TWO, or even THREE!

For a small amount more you can even have your own name and / or signature and any number on your “Mi Team Shirt” making it even more personal to YOU!

Watch this space for regular updates regarding teams and new stock availability

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