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Hi Guys

I watched The Daily Politics on BBC TV today. It included Prime Ministers question time. I am presently watching the ‘Parliament’  channel.  If I were a politician I would be disgusted at the manner in which they conduct themselves. Children in the playground are far better behaved. It’s more like a ‘political playground’. There is far too much time wasted in ‘backbiting’ and referring to ‘the past’ ie; ” you did this and you did that, we did this this and we did that!”.

In a past blog I referred to footballers kicking a bag of wind around, well the politicians are similar in the fact that they are the bags of wind and it’s a pity we can’t put them on the football pitch and let the footballers kick all the wind and ‘hot air’ out of them (literally speaking) of course.

When are they going to answer a question with an answer?

I think they are a laughing stock who are a’ sarcastic and hipocritical’  body of people who are supposed to represent us the electorate.

They are debating  today on the Publication of the NHS Risk Register,  which will be voted on tonight at 7pm.

How can two bodies of people, over 640 be at such loggerheads and opposite opinions over such National importance.

I lost faith in politicians some time ago and it has been reinforced today.

All they give us is rhetoric. Why not say it as it is? When mistakes are made stand up and admit it and I for one will pay them more respect.

That’s it for now. I got my winge in again thanks to the politicians and is a subject I don’t normally voice an opinion on, but after todays’ disgraceful ‘fiasco’  I decided that I had to voice my absolute disgust.

Take care til next time

‘Old Git’  Jimbo