Me and Sylvia (Mum} at Christmas last year

Me and Sylvia (Mum} at Christmas last year

Hi Folks!

I would like to say to you before you read this that I think it is common courtesy that you either leave a comment of your views/opinions or likes/dislikes. it’s called FEEDBACK.

How can I/this winging moron know what your views are?

It’s been many months since my last blog because I’ve had other important priorities to deal with including moving house and opening up a High street shop in Chorley, but most importantly my 91 year old mother’s health.


Mum is now 93 and still going strong. She goes for her daily walk along our local High street for about 20 minutes.

I am her registered Carer and she has not been well. It was discovered that she had a rare muscle cancer (we first had to discover what the epithelioid mesothelioma was, though) on her forearm and she was due to have a series of biopsies on it. Days before they were due she had a fall and broke the same forearm just above the wrist. As a result she was in a plaster cast for six weeks before the biopsies could be done.


After numerous x-rays and MRI scans she was advised to undergo radiotherapy because she was too old and frail for chemotherapy.

In the UK, anyone who is over the age of 50 years is not generally advised to have chemotherapy because the side effects can actually do more harm than good!

My mother finished a  schedule of sixteen treatments of radiotherapy at the Rosemere Cancer Centre at The Royal Preston Hospital and the prognosis was favourable as the lump had decreased in size considerably and she is now awaiting a review. I will keep you posted. I would however like to express my thanks and gratitude to all the staff including the Ambulance and Volunteer Drivers and also the Radiotherapy staff at the Rosemere Cancer Centre.


Since my last blog concerning mum she has had a further 15 sessions of radiotherapy because the lump grew in size. The treatment seemed to reduce the lump again but 12 months down the line another lump has appeared which is very painful for her.

Tomorrow 5 Nov 2015 she has an appointment at Rosemere  Royal Preston Hospital. She will then begin a further 15 radiotherapy sessions. Thankfully the new lump is smaller than the previous one, so fingers crossed that the treatment works.

I can empathise with all Carers of elderly relatives – they must save the Government millions of pounds whilst they only receive a pittance  in comparison to the actual cost of nursing or residential care. The “FAT CATS” sit on “millionaire row” in the Cabinet and haven’t got a clue with the exception of David Cameron who (sadly) did have a disabled son, but then again, he didn’t have to manage solely on a state pension and Carer’s Allowance!

Before I close I will say that I am totally committed to the health and welfare of Sylvia (My Mum). She will never be put into care whilst I am alive.

I do not know the details of the Blairs (ex Prime Minister) and his wife Cherie but I remember recently hearing that the mother of one of them was being placed in some kind of residential care. Surely with their reputed MILLIONS they could have afforded a granny flat within their home so they could be within close contact on a daily basis, therefore putting her mind at rest and hopefully prolonging her quality of life.

Why is it easier to farm elderly parents out to care when they can be looked after at home with their family, when after all they brought their kids up, and it is now the turn of the grown up kids to step up to the plate and accept being responsible  for their future care.

Mum has a lovely carer called Angie who takes her out for 3 hours shopping and going down the local Astley Park each Thursday which we pay for. Sadly she has had to miss the last 2 Thursdays because of her appointments.

Thursday 5 Nov update.

Mum has been to Rosemere for further scans as recommended by Cancer Specialist  Dr. Parihk who recommends a 3rd session of radiotherapy beginning next Wednesday 11Nov and will consist of 15 consecutive sessions excluding weekends.

Monday 23 Nov update

Sylvia has just had her first session of radiotherapy which is ongoing for another 14 treatments.

My thanks go out to all the staff who do such a wonderful job in caring for their patients. One in particular was a nurse who noticed a patient in a wheelchair with his head slumped and with an oxygen mask on. She asked him if he was ok and he told her he was just fed up of waiting for transport to take him home. She offered to arrange some food and drink but he declined. At least she noticed and cared enough for him. It’s just a pity that he had been waiting over 2 hours for transport.

My next comment is not directly aimed at the transport/appointments departments but there has to be better organisation from management.

One drawback from using transport run by the NHS is that the patient is required to be ready for pickup approximately 90 minutes prior to their appointment and can be as early as 8:30am. We tried the system but decided to make alternative arrangements because at Mums’ age she was getting ready  at 7:30am which is an unreasonable time to have to get ready and then sit for the next 90 minutes with her coat on not knowing when she was going. I suggested that the drivers should have the patients phone number on their pickup sheet so that they could phone maybe 10 minutes ahead to let them prepare themselves but I was told that it wasn’t feasible.

I’m aware that the appointments department has a difficult job but surely it’s the patients care which comes first.

Is the appointments/transport department undoing the great work of Rosemere Cancer Clinic?

Surely the management can finetune their system for the patients and not for how easy it is for them.

That’s all for now so take care

Old Git Jimbo

PS. Sadly I’m still a fan of both Blackburn Rovers and Chorley Magpies.

Someone has to be. Let’s see what Rovers’ new manager Paul Lambert can do and if he can get on with ‘chicken farmers’ the Venkies cos no one else has.