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I believe in speaking my mind, regardless of the people or subject.

I don’t hide behind a mask. That is my Fizzog that you can see, so what you see and also read is what you get.

I believe in being contentious because it’s likely to invite a reaction/response.

Rarely do the guilty parties respond. Although when you think about it, their lack of response is sometimes considered as an admission of fault/guilt.


A few days ago my mobile phone was stolen. I reported it to the police. They said they could do nothing about it, but would inform me if it was handed in.

I have a problem with why we can’t get our mobile phones returned.

Motorola V66 mobile phone

Motorola V66 mobile phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If rogue reporters can HACK into our phones, then surely the police can MAP the LOCATION of our phones.



The Police have a duty to the citizens of the UK.

The mobile companies sell/rent the phones to us.

The Insurance Companies receive/accept our money to cover the loss of our mobile phones.


The mobile phone business is a MULTI-BILLION pound industry.

I think it’s time that all 3 groups get their heads together and resolve how they can help to return the phones to us.

The Police will say that they have better things to do than tracking a mobile phone.

The Mobile Companies will be wringing their hands with GLEE because it means a HIGHER TURNOVER of phones being purchased/rented.

Presumably the Insurance Companies will gain the most, because they will receive more £££’s from us for  insuring our phones because to own/lease a phone is less than our insurance costs.


Anyone who has lost or had their mobile phone stolen knows just how demoralising and incovenient it is.

All our contacts have gone. Our pictures of family, friends and special occasions have gone, and in some cases VERY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

I was fortunate that after I contacted my Virgin Media 

Image representing Virgin Media as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

provider to inform them of my loss I checked my account online and was relieved to find that there hadn’t been any calls made, except for a couple of blank texts’ sent to a friend who happened to be in Tenerife. I saw the transactions online and called him. That is when he told that he had received 2 blank text’s from my mobile phone. It’s a pity the thief/thieves didn’t make a call to one of his/their  friends instead because then I would have had a chance, through the police of tracking him/them down.

If I had been a suspected criminal or terrorist, I’m sure the police would have known of my whereabouts and noticed after a few days that I wasn’t following the usual pattern of activity.

I can just see the scenario of a criminal or terrorists’ phone falling into the hands of a small time mobile phone thief/thieves and the armed Police SWAT squad raiding his/their home at the crack of dawn while still believing him/them to be the terrorist they had been tracking.

He/they would probably be screaming, “IT WASN’T ME GUV“!!!

That would be great because, to you thieve’s  ‘WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND’.

That would be ‘POETIC JUSTICE’.

While on the subject of mobile phones, I am moving house in a weeks time, and my provider is Virgin Media.

The company that Sir Richard Branson bought is a company that has changed ownership and  ‘brand names’ over the years. I have been  loyal to the same company  that he bought for 18 yrs.

I have the full package with Virgin Media which consists of, Broadband, full TV package, landline phone and 2 mobile phones which all cost about £110 per month.

I checked my post code to see if I could have my set up changed/moved to my new address. Unfortunately Virgin Media is not street cabled where I am moving to.

There are about 40 semi-detached and detached properties where I am moving to, and they are all business people who spend a considerable amount of money on similar systems that I have, but not with Virgin Media. I know because I have a few friends who live in the same close.

I recently watched the Parliament channel and the politicians were debating the future access of Broadband etc., into Rural areas. I live in the Town of Chorley and can’t get cable. Chorley has cable, but not where I am moving to.

I am having to arrange for BT to give me the same package that I have had with Virgin Media.

I wonder if Sir Richard is aware of neglected Urban areas that are not street cabled but that BT are.

All they do is run the cables along side BT’s so what’s holding them back? Is it the fact that his staff haven’t the foresight that he has?

I know that Sir Richard has read my blogs so hopefully he’ll read this one and realise that there must be many, many more areas that he doesn’t have cabled.  Having said all that  I sincerely think he is the right man to run the NATIONAL LOTTERY FRANCHISE.  

That’s it for now, so until the next blog, take care and stay healthy.

‘Old Git’ Jimbo




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I am so looking forward to meeting Sir Richard Branson at the O2 Arena in London this Sunday 18th March.

For the last 18 years I have used the same phone and media company that he now owns. I’ve stayed with the same company, although the actual “brand” name has changed several times from its inception of Cable North West and then Tele-West. I am a very loyal person to people, or services whom I trust or am subscribed to and am satisfied with – hence 18 years with the same company!

Sir Richard would not buy a “white elephant”! He has bought the company, now re-named “Virgin Media”, that I have dealt with for so long, because he has seen the potential for making profits from it. So he believes in the same company as I do, but for different reasons – money, and service! My reasons are mainly for good service and reasonable and competetive pricing. Virgin Media have an excellent customer sevices staff, albeit that they are not all based in the UK, which I might add to Sir Richard is my only bone of contention.

Sir Richard’s name, I think, is synonymous with fair play. He was voted the best boss to work for, from his workforce. Why did he not succeed in his bid to run  the National Lottery? Was it skullduggery, backhanders or even favours to some politicians from the people connected with Camelot? I mean let’s say it as it is, some high up people, be it in high finance or politics and, putting it bluntly  (BUT) politely, all ‘P’ in the same pot, or to be PC correct, they all sing from the same hymn sheet. I shouldn’t ruffle their feathers’ too much tho, because they are quite a sensitive bunch.

All Sir Richard wanted to do was run the National Lottery as a charitable organisation, not for personal profit but for the charities. He wasn’t successful in his bid – WHY???

Just think what the extra income could’ve done for the charities over the last 18 years, instead of a high percentage of the profits lining the pockets of the fat-cats of Camelot!

The general public have had enough of that recently from the ‘BANKERS’ and yes I have spelt that word correctly!!!

Let’s “kick-off” and voice our opinions. The ‘power of the people’. Log-on to my blog and REPLY with your opinion, it only needs a few well intended words from you. Let’s get some action going and fight the “fat–cats” and their undeserved profits, bearing in mind of course, that, on more  than one occasion since 1994,  it WAS the British Government that awarded the contract to Camelot.


As you well know by now I class myself as an ‘Old Git’. Well in my next few lines, I’m also an ‘Old cheeky Git’.

As a special offer to YOU Sir Richard, you can even have a “MyTeamShirts” football shirt of your favourite team including the “Virgin” brand of your choice, for example,  “Virgin Media”,  Virgin Money” or  “Virgin Atlantic”, for your personal use, for FREE!!!

How’s that for an offer, Sir Richard?

Anyway that’s another blog of gripe, (who said tripe’?) whinge and  info for you once again from this ‘Old Git’ Jimbo,so til the next time, you take care.

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